How to Play as Phoenix in Valorant – Complete Guide

Phoenix is a powerful character in the game Valorant. He comes from the United Kingdom and is famous for his dramatic actions during battles. He likes fighting by himself in battles, with or without help. Phoenix is the perfect choice for gamers who like to quickly defeat their enemies because of his fiery abilities, which allow him to be in charge of the battlefield.

Phoenix’s skills revolve on his flaming motif, such as Blaze, which conjures a wall of flames that hurts opponents while healing the user and his friends. Hot Hands and Curveball, two of his other skills, deliver damage and blind opponents, respectively. Phoenix has a game-changing ultimate power called “Run it Back” that allows him to recover health and position after suffering fatal damage and go on battling without suffering any consequences.

Everything About Phoenix in Valorant

Phoenix is as at comfortable mounting a defense in VALORANT as it is mounting an attack. He is a pompous Londoner who is capable of using lethal force. He is a killing machine who can operate both alone and with the team, therefore the attitude is entirely justified. Phoenix is capable of Bounce it Back, Hot Hands, Curveball, and Fuego.

Duelist is Phoenix, one of the play’s Agents with a distinct role. His skills allow you to kill him several times and attract a team to you. To put it another way, his teammates should “play for him” since he poses the biggest danger to the squad.

Phoenix Abilities

Phoenix has a fiery motif that informs all of his powers. Through the use of his special attack, Blaze, he can conjure a wall of flames that heals him and his friends while inflicting harm on nearby foes. His other skills include Curveball, which blinds opponents when it ricochets off surfaces, and Hot Hands, which launches a ball of fire that harms foes and restores Phoenix when it strikes the ground.

Blaze (Wall of Flames)

·        Cost: 200 Creds

·        Usage: 1 Per Round

Blaze is a flaming wall that may be elevated to barricade passageways and inflict harm on anyone who does so. It vanishes quickly, as opposed to Sage’s Barrier Sphere, which only lasts a short while. Despite its brief duration, it frequently suffices to reduce the foes’ speed or obscure their vision.

Phoenix’s Blaze is mainly a Vision Blocker ability. A skill that stops a map area’s line of sight is known as a vision blocker.

The Blaze can be made to stand fully straight and to indicate either right or left using the mouse. The wall’s length ranges from 5 to 24 meters. Any hindrance, like a building, can cut it down. Enemies who in any manner contact the fire wall’s borders suffer harm, at a rate of 30 per second, for a total of 225–240.

Curveball (Flash)

·        Cost: 250 Creds

·        Usage: 2 Per Round

A fireball that curves around the edges is known as a curveball. It functions like a flashbang and briefly renders foes helpless for a short period of time. Because it can’t fire directly, this skill can be tricky to master because you might need to change your position in order to direct it where you want it to go.


Once perfected, it makes a great weapon for pushing foes. Simply dispatch it into a corner while standing at right angles to the adversary, blinding them so you can kill them later. You must exercise caution when using curveballs because it can also cause you and your friends to become myopic.

Prior to using Curveball, Phoenix must have the Blind skill equipped. When an individual has a Blind ability, it impairs their eyesight and reduces the amount of what they can see around them.

Phoenix tosses the flare orb during casting, and when it explodes, it blinds everyone in its path. Phoenix can control the way the sphere bends in by using Primary and Alt-Fire; Primary Fire curves the ball to the left, and Alt-Fire curves the ball to the right.

Maximum blackout time is 1.1 seconds.

Hot Hands (Molotov)

·        Cost: Signature/Free

·        Usage: 1 Per Round

A fireball is launched by Hot Hands that can be used to seal off regions or find foes who are concealed. Anybody attempting to pass through the burning layer that is left on the ground after the fireball explodes on contact will be burned and suffer health problems.


Phoenix must wear a Deterrent before using Hot Hands, which is mainly a Deterrent ability. By threatening to kill them if they try to remain in a place, a deterrent ability is used to drive enemies from it.

Phoenix takes up a fireball during conjuring that he can launch. Phoenix can regulate the throw’s length by using Primary Fire and Alt-Fire; Primary Fire launches the flame at a long distance, while Alt-Fire launches it at a close distance.

“Hot Hands” is a versatile strategy. It works well for halting or simply slowing down charging foes so you can regroup. Launching a fireball at an enemy lurking behind a wall will force them to relocate or risk being burned, making it the ideal tool for this situation. To stop the opposing squad from removing the spike, Hot Hands might be hurled at it. Heated Hands is also helpful for mending, just like Blaze.

Run it Back (Ultimate)

·        Cost: 6 Ult Points

·        Usage: Whenever Ultimate is Ready

Race It Back is given a second life for ten seconds after activation. The torso of the Phoenix will be emphasized throughout the finale. Phoenix will return to the location where he triggered Run It Back if he is slain during the motion of the ultimate or vice versa and he does not pass away in 10 seconds. He will return with 100 health and no armor.


Bring it Back is an intriguing skill that is also very practical. You have ten seconds after activation to do whatever you want without running the danger of perishing. You are transported back to the location where you first triggered the ability after the ten seconds have passed.

Run it Back gives you the ability to recklessly attack an enemy squad, deal damage, and then respawn back where you were. To make sure it’s secure for your squad, you can even go ahead and investigate specific locations. It can also be used as a ruse to distract foes so you can surround them from behind.

To Wrap it all Up

In conclusion, Phoenix is a formidable agent in Valorant with a unique set of abilities that make him a powerful addition to any team. He is best suited for players who prefer an aggressive playstyle. And his abilities allow him to control the battlefield with ease.

Phoenix fiery theme in Valorant reflects his abilities, which include Blaze, Hot Hands, Curveball, and Run it Back. Each of these abilities is useful in different situations. And players who choose to play as Phoenix will need to master them to be effective in-game.

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