How to Complete RDR2 Master Hunter 7 Challenge & Use Bait

RDR2 Master Hunter 7: In Red Dead Redemption 2, players can take on several hunting tasks that put their tracking and capture skills to the test. These challenges provide an exciting and immersive experience, allowing players to explore the game’s wide and diverse landscapes while sharpening their hunting skills. These challenges, which range from hunting certain animal species to completing activities like skinning and examining animals, add realism and depth to the game’s wilderness.

Each challenge has its own set of objectives and prizes, motivating players to become skilled hunters and discover the wild’s mysteries. Whether it’s following a renowned animal or perfecting the art of flawless pelts, Red Dead Redemption 2’s hunting tasks provide a gripping gameplay aspect for those looking for adventure in the wild frontier.

RDR2 Master Hunter Challenges – Walkthrough  

The Master Hunter Challenges revolve around Arthur being the greatest huntsman of all time by tracking, killing, and skinning a variety of creatures, culminating in a search for a Legendary Animal.

Survival in the Old West is all about hunting efficiently, and you may demonstrate your prowess in this area by completing the Red Dead Redemption 2 Master Hunter Challenges. Thankfully, this does not include researching or murdering every 200-odd types of animals present in Red Dead Redemption 2’s wilds and plains, though you will have to hunt down some strong fauna adversaries and a legendary beast before you’re done.

To begin, you’ll be able to cope with rabbits and deer, but before long, you’ll be bringing down bears and cougars, and even catching fish with your own hands.

Master Hunter Challenge 1 – Skinning Three (3) Deer

You will hunt your first deer at the start of the game. The following two deer can be spotted near Valentine, which you visit early in the story. To find them, use your Eagle Eye skill, which assists you in tracking animals by accentuating their scent.

RDR2 Master Hunter 7

To keep the deer from deteriorating, skin them as soon as possible after killing them. Skinning allows you to obtain useful resources from the animals you hunt. Remember to use your tracking abilities and grasp the opportunity to hunt these deer when you come across them.

Master Hunter Challenge 2 – Collect Three (3) Perfect Rabbit Pelts in RDR2

Rabbits are distributed across the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, but if you want to find them quickly, the area near Valentine, like the deer, is your best option. Use small game arrows or a Varmint Hunting Rifle to boost your chances of getting a perfect quality rabbit pelt.

These guns are more effective against smaller animals such as rabbits. Pay close attention to your surroundings and use your Eagle Eye to effortlessly locate bunnies. Remember to aim attentively and take clean shots for the greatest results when hunting rabbits.

Master Hunter Challenge 3 – Track Ten (10) Animals with Binoculars in RDR2

To monitor animals, you must first study them by looking at them and holding the study button. After that, equip your binoculars from the weapon wheel and hold down the track button while keeping the animal in sight. It’s that simple, except you must spot 10 different species in the wild, and farm animals do not count.

Master Hunter Challenge 4 – Call an Animal then Get a Clean Kill for 5 Times in RDR2

To improve your chances of a successful hunt and a clean kill in Red Dead Redemption 2, aim for an animal’s head, throat, or heart. The Dead Eye ability allows you to slow down time and target more precisely. Check your ammunition, such as small game arrows for small animals like rabbits or skunks. Sneak up on the animal without attracting its attention, then use the call button to get its attention. Time your shot properly to hit the animal in a key region, resulting in a clean kill and completion of the objective.

Master Hunter Challenge 5 – Skin Three (3) Grizzly Bears in RDR2

Grizzly and black bears can be seen in the mountainous terrain to the north of the map in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, they are more difficult to hunt than herbivores. Bring plenty of arrows and ammunition for the hunt.

RDR2 Master Hunter 7

To enhance the odds of a clean kill and a pristine pelt, aim for the bear’s head area. After successfully hunting these bears, you can return them to camp or a neighbouring trapper to complete the task.

Master Hunter Challenge 6 – Use A Bow To Kill 5 Cougars Then Skin Them in RDR2

Cougars, like bears, can be found in the map’s mountainous regions to the north. These predators may kill Arthur in a single pounce, thus killing them with a bow may be difficult. Get the jump on them and score two headshots with a poison or explosive arrow before they can get to you for the greatest results.

Master Hunter Challenge 7 – Use Bait To Both Attract & Kill a Herbivore & A Predator in RDR2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can make bait out of meat and herbs in the campfire crafting menu to lure animals. Predators and herbivores require different sorts of bait. Make at least one of each sort of item. Once you have the bait, go to a location where the creatures you wish to attract are often located.

Place the bait down and then leave the area. Wait for an animal to approach and be lured by the bait, falling into your trap. This strategy allows you to attract and catch various types of animals in the game in a planned manner.

More Tips on Master Hunter Challenge 7 – Only Use A Wild Boar in RDR2

You don’t have to kill a predator when utilising predator bait in Red Dead Redemption 2. All you have to do is lure an animal to the bait and then kill it. This means that employing a wild boar will allow you to quickly finish the challenge. Set up the bait in an area where wild boars are commonly found. You can also use herbivore bait to attract another species, such as a deer, in addition to the predator bait for the boar. The crucial thing to remember is that you do not have to go to risky predator areas or put yourself in danger to achieve this challenge.

Master Hunter Challenge 8 – Catching 3 Fish, without a Fishing Rod in RDR2

To capture fish without a fishing rod, you must manually find the aquatic critters in the water and shoot them yourself with a bow & arrow or a small pistol. Of course, the meat will be damaged, but you’re here to finish the challenge, not to prepare a seafood platter.

Master Hunter Challenge 9 – Hunt a Opossum playing Possum in RDR2

Yes, opossums will be able to play possum in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can force them to play dead by chasing or shooting around them until the creature faints for no apparent cause, at which time you can just stroll up and catch it with your bare hands.

RDR2 Master Hunter 7

Master Hunter Challenge 10 – The Legendary Panther: Giaguaro

Giaguaro is a rare and powerful mammal found in Lemoyne, west of Shady Belle. You can only track Giaguaro after you have progressed through the Master Hunter Challenge set. To complete this challenge, you must travel to the location where Giaguaro can be found, track it down, and defeat it without being killed. Once you’ve finished the Master Hunter Challenges, you’ll be able to sell Giaguaro’s precious pelt to a butcher for a considerable sum of money.

To Wrap it all Up

To complete the Master Hunter Challenges, you must skin animals, follow wildlife with binoculars, achieve clean kills, and hunt legendary beasts. Each challenge has its own set of objectives, making for an exciting gameplay experience.

You may simply complete the Master Hunter Challenges by following the guide and recommendations offered. You’ll move through each obstacle and become a competent hunter in the Wild West. From hunting deer and bunnies to tracking animals and tactically employing bait.

RDR2 Master Hunter 7 is one the most difficult among these challenges, but, we’ve also got that covered.

You can finish the Master Hunter Challenges and gain significant rewards by being persistent and skilled. Sharpen your aim, put your hunting talents to use. Prepare to embark on an epic hunting experience in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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