Remnant 2 Invader Archetype – How to Unlock & Find it

Remnant 2 Invader Archetype: Welcome to Remnant 2’s varied universe, where character classes play a significant part in determining how you play. You may select from a variety of diverse archetypes in this co-op RPG shooter, each of which offers distinctive skills, bonuses, and playstyles.

The game provides a wide range of options to fit your chosen style, from damage-focused Engineers with potent heavy weapons to healing Medics supporting comrades and nimble Hunters with precise assaults. As you work with friends or do it alone with your selected character class, unleash your talents, perfect your build, and go on an epic journey.

Invader Archetype in Remnant 2

The Invader character class in Remnant 2 is a specialised one known as an Archetype. They are masters at being cunning and clever while engaged in combat. Invaders may construct phoney targets using their particular talents to divert attackers and defend teammates. They may use time and space manipulation to their benefit by dealing more harm, posing less of a danger, and briefly becoming invincible.

Remnant 2 Invader Archetype

In the game, archetypes resemble the many classes you may select from. Although the choice of Archetype at the beginning of the game is important, players can later change to a different one by utilising an item from a different Archetype if they so want.

Invader Archetype Skills

Void Cloak: Automatically avoid direct injury for a period of time. Each auto-evade generates a decoy for a brief period of time and shortens the timeframe dependent on damage avoided.

Worm Hole: Increases the damage of your subsequent melee or ranged attack by 100% for five seconds. Holding the button reveals a targeting tool that, when used, warps the user behind the target.

Reboot: Begins a brief backup of your current stamina, life, relic charges, ammunition, and status effects. During this brief period, the talent enhances your movement speed and damage mitigation somewhat. You can activate the talent again to generate a decoy for three seconds and restore your values to those that were saved.

How to Unlock The Invader Class

Several days have passed since Remnant 2’s early access weekend started, yet there are still some mysteries that the public has yet to unearth. Players may unlock at least four other hidden archetypes in addition to the five beginning classes. Recently, they identified the Invader Archetype as the most elusive class.

The Invader is all about being elusive and diverting the enemy’s attention, according to Reddit user FoskitoNegro, who uploaded a spreadsheet of unlockables. Go to the Corrupted Harbour in the Root Earth biome to locate this archetype.

How to Acquire The Wooden Shiv – Hidden Material for Invader Archetype

Use the Dreamcatcher melee weapon on a unique stone with blue mist around it to acquire the Wooden Shiv material that you require. To obtain the Wooden Shiv and beat the Bane mini-boss after that, utilise the Walker’s Dream. Wallace at Ward 13 will create an engram to unlock the Remnant 2 Invader Archetype if you bring it back. Have fun exploring and happy hunting!

Remnant 2 Invader Archetype

Unlocking The Invader Archetype in Simple Steps – Remnant 2

  1. Access Morrow Parish in Losomn (reroll your campaign if needed).
  2. Track down the Morrow Sanitarium and gather the Prison Cell Key as well as three stone-carved dolls.
  3. Give the dolls to the NPC who is being held captive to free her and obtain the Nightweaver Stone Doll.
  4. Defeat the Nightweaver boss in the Gilded Chambers to obtain the Soulkey Tribute.
  5. To enter the Dream World, pay the Soulkey Tribute at the basement’s cobweb gate.
  6. To obtain the Dreamcatcher weapon in the Tormented Asylum, use the statue on another cobweb within a cell.
  7. Locate the main ship in Root Earth’s Corrupted Harbour.
  8. Look about the ship for the Escalation Protocol Amulet.
  9. To obtain the Walker’s Dream item, use the Dreamcatcher on the monster who is carrying the amulet.
  10. Enter the Twilight Valley using Walker’s Dream to take down Bane and get the Wooden Shiv.
  11. Take the Wooden Shiv to Wallace at Ward 13, who will craft the Invader archetype Emblem: Serrated Root Blade.
  12. Equip the Invader emblem in your character screen to use the Invader archetype.

To Wrap it all Up

In Remnant 2, the Invader Archetype may be unlocked to reveal a world of cunning and ingenious battle strategies. You can win the war by distracting your opponents with decoys and using time and space manipulation. Go to Root Earth’s Corrupted Harbour to find the Invader Archetype. By using the Dreamcatcher melee weapon on a stone covered in blue mist, you can obtain the Wooden Shiv material.

Walker’s Dream will help you defeat the Bane mini-boss, and Wallace in Ward 13 will use the Wooden Shiv to create the Invader Emblem. Equip it to experience Remnant 2’s Invader class’ elusive and exciting gameplay. Happy searching!

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