Rialto Overwatch Escort Map

Rialto Overwatch: Blizzard Entertainment developed and distributed Overwatch, a popular team-based first-person shooter game. Overwatch boasts a wide cast of heroes and immerses players in a futuristic universe where they engage in competitive matches across numerous maps. The game developers have meticulously crafted these maps to offer unique gaming experiences and to highlight different locations within the Overwatch universe.

Rialto in Overwatch – The Map

Overwatch introduced Rialto as a well-known Escort map in the popular team-based online game. It will also feature in the highly anticipated sequel, Overwatch 2. The game developers officially released this picturesque map on May 3, 2018, making it the 26th addition to the ever-growing roster of maps in the game.

Rialto immerses players in a magnificent and intricate atmosphere set in the picturesque city of Venice, Italy. A gorgeous canal runs through the centre of the map, filled with gondolas and bright architecture that reflects the character of the real-world region. Rialto has a range of diverse places that give interesting gameplay chances, ranging from tight alleyways to wide plazas.

Background of The Map Rialto in Overwatch

Rialto was home to a man named Antonio Bartalotti. He was a member of the Talon gang, which caused some problems for Overwatch. This resulted in the “Venice Incident,” which impacted things for both Overwatch and Talon. The Italian government has worked hard to protect Venice, and it currently looks stunning. Visitors to this lovely town can sample the local cuisine, take a gondola ride, visit the Galleria D’arte Omnica, or simply stroll along the canal and take in the scenery.

Gameplay Style on Rialto in Overwatch

Rialto is a map in which the game mode requires you to escort a payload across three major locations:

  • The Grand Hotel and Courtyard
  • The Rialto Bridge and Dock  
  • The Talon Headquarters
Rialto Overwatch

The Grand Hotel & Courtyard in Rialto

Attackers begin in an Art Museum in the Grand Hotel and Courtyard. Outside of the spawn, there are three walkways, two thin bridges, and a wider bridge where the cargo moves. There are three high grounds in front of the bridge, one of which runs along the cargo track. The cargo then arrives at the next checkpoint in a large open space. There are trails along the river that can be used for flanking around the Courtyard. Attackers spawn in a neighbouring building after reaching the checkpoint.

The Rialto Bridge & Dock in Rialto

The Rialto Bridge and Dock are the following checkpoints. A large arched bridge leads to a two-story building. There’s a high ground connected to the building on the left side of the payload track, arching over the track. There is an open area on the other side of the structure with a wall along the payload track. The payload turns around and comes to a halt in front of another archway. At the first checkpoint, defenders spawn in the two-story building, while attackers spawn after the first archway for the second checkpoint.

The Talon Headquarters in Rialto

The final stretch is held at Talon Headquarters. It’s an upward climb to a vast open building. There are two key flanking ways in this area: one through a building on the right that leads to a corner, and another on the left that leads to a large building or the payload track. The payload must be moved into the large building in order to win. Defenders spawn at the second and third checkpoints, the second closer to the railway beneath, and the third towards the back of the big structure.

Gondolas in Rialto

There are gondolas on the map in addition to the main places. These are floating platforms that travel over the river. There are moving boats and gondolas, and the Omnic Gondoliers can be destroyed when attacked. After the first point, the boats begin at the attacker’s spawn and loop around near the bridge.

Important Facts about Rialto in Overwatch

Rialto is an Overwatch map based on the map used in the PvE game Retribution. Rialto, unlike Havana, which is used for Storm Rising, is played in reverse and has more accessible spots. The map depicts the entire Talon Headquarters as well as a café behind the Art Museum, albeit the final structure is inaccessible. Rialto’s version of Retribution takes place at night. Some changes have been made, such as the removal of open walls at the docks, the absence of moving boats or gondolas, gated bridges, and the addition of platforms for Talon Snipers.

After launch, the development team made changes to the map to provide cover for the Attacker’s third spawn. In Overwatch 2, the game temporarily banned Rialto from Unranked and Competitive Queues, and spectators could see an extended part of the map, hinting at upcoming PvE content. Additionally, there is a cut-off sector accessible only to Sombra, which was likely intended for the PvE campaign but currently lacks texturing and functionality.

To Wrap it all Up

Overwatch features Rialto, an aesthetically spectacular Escort map situated in Venice, Italy. Blizzard Entertainment released this map in 2018, and it showcases a variety of intriguing settings, including the Grand Hotel and Courtyard, the Rialto Bridge and Dock, and the Talon Headquarters.

Players must guide a payload across these zones while thinking and modifying their playstyle. The map is modelled on the Retribution PvE mode, but with some changes and more accessible areas. Rialto displays gondolas on the waterway, and the setting showcases Venice’s beauty. The map has been updated and is now disabled in Overwatch 2, implying upcoming PvE content.

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