Rocket League Bundesliga brings FC Bayern & BVB

Rocket League Bundesliga: Rocket League is a car and football style game. Rather than regular players, you control cars equipped with rockets. You race around an arena, attempting to hit a large ball into the opposing team’s goal.

It’s similar to playing football, but with cars and much more speed. To win, you must collaborate with your team and employ cool moves. Many people enjoy Rocket League because it is exciting and distinct from other games.

Rocket League and Bundesliga

Guess what? The favorite sport of many people, soccer, is making a return! On August 24th, the Bundesliga, which is a famous soccer league in Germany, celebrates its 60th birthday.

To celebrate, they’re bringing the excitement of German soccer to Rocket League, a cool game. Fans can show love for their favorite teams using special stickers and packs in the game.

There’s even the famous league anthem that you can use as your player’s theme song. From August 9th to August 23rd, it’s all about Bundesliga soccer fun in the game!

What does The Rocket League & Bundesliga Partnership Include?

The people who make Rocket League, a fun video game, are teaming up with Bundesliga, which is a famous soccer league in Germany. Starting today, they’re adding special things to the game to celebrate Bundesliga’s 60th birthday on August 24th.

You can now find cool stuff from six Bundesliga clubs like FC Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund, and others in the Rocket League shop. There’s a bundle with special car decorations for each club, and a super bundle with even more items like player banners and cool wheels.

Rocket League Bundesliga

These things cost some special game credits. You can enjoy these Bundesliga things in Rocket League from August 10th to August 24th. If you want a special bundle, just ask and we’ll give you a code for it!

Content Included in Rocket League x Bundesliga Partnership

The Bundesliga Decal Bundle

  • This bundle includes a special design (called a Decal) for the Fennec car.
  • There’s one Decal for each of the six Bundesliga clubs.
  • It costs 1500 Credits in the game.

The Bundesliga Mega Bundle

  • This is a big bundle with lots of cool stuff.
  • It has the Fennec car Decal for all six Bundesliga clubs.
  • It also has a Player Banner for each of those clubs.
  • You’ll get special wheels: Bundesliga Match Ball Wheels and Bundesliga Wheels.
  • There’s a cool Bundesliga Player Banner included.
  • And you’ll even have the Bundesliga Hymn Player Anthem (which you can also get separately).
  • All of this is priced at 2500 Credits in the game.

FC Bayern & BVB Teams are Also Included

FC Bayern München Decal
Borussia Dortmund Decal
RB Leipzig Decal
1. FC Union Berlin Decal
Sport-Club Freiburg Decal
Bayer 04 Leverkusen Decal
All Bundesliga Fennec Decals
Bundesliga Hymn Player Anthem
Bundesliga Match Ball Wheels
Bundesliga Wheels
Bundesliga Player Banner
FC Bayern München Player Banner
Borussia Dortmund Player Banner
RB Leipzig Player Banner
1. FC Union Berlin Player Banner
Sport-Club Freiburg Player Banner
Bayer 04 Leverkusen Player Banner

To Wrap it all Up

The Rocket League and Bundesliga partnership adds the excitement of FC Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund to the game. Rocket League combines high-speed cars and football, and to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Bundesliga, players can now enjoy content inspired by these teams until August 23rd. The collaboration introduces unique items such as decals, player banners, and anthems, allowing fans to show their support for their favourite team.

The Bundesliga Decal Bundle includes custom decals for each of the six clubs, while the Bundesliga Mega Bundle includes Fennec Decals, Player Banners, Wheels, and the Bundesliga Hymn Player Anthem. This fusion of gaming and football captures the spirit and history of the Bundesliga, providing players with an exciting crossover experience.

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