How to Get Sacrificial Bow in Genshin Impact

Sacrificial Bow Genshin: “Genshin Impact” is an action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. Set in the vast and enchanting world of Teyvat, the game invites players to embark on an epic adventure filled with exploration, combat, and a captivating storyline. As a traveler, players wield elemental abilities and traverse stunning landscapes, unraveling the secrets of the seven nations and their corresponding elemental powers.

Along the way, they encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique abilities and stories to uncover. With its immersive open-world environment, compelling gameplay, and visually stunning art style, “Genshin Impact” offers an enthralling gaming experience that has captured the attention of players worldwide.

Sacrificial Bow in Genshin Impact

The Sacrificial Bow is a ceremonial hunting bow that has been transformed into stone after many years. Despite its petrified appearance, the small decorative trinkets attached to it can still be seen.

When someone wields this bow, it grants them the power to withstand the passage of time, as if they are protected from its effects. The Sacrificial Bow is considered a valuable and powerful 4-Star bow in the game.

Sacrificial Bow Genshin

Background History of Sacrificial Bow in Genshin Impact

Long ago, on a cliff overlooking the eastern sea, our ancestors worshipped the masters of Time and Anemo, the element of wind, side by side. These two forces were deeply connected, as shown in the saying, “Anemo brings stories while Time nurtures them.” This special bow carries the tale of the brave pioneers and the challenges they faced.

Originally, the bow was just a prop, with a bowstring that couldn’t move. However, as time passed, the string became more flexible and stronger. It adapted and grew with the passing years, just like the stories it now holds.

Once upon a time, this bow belonged to the proud Lawrence Clan. In the distant past, they used it to commemorate their clan’s courageous triumph over the frozen wilderness. The first act of their ceremony depicted their ancestors conquering the land with their wisdom and strength. Although the details of this ceremony have been lost over time, they carried on with the same role, generation after generation.

However, as time went on, this role became corrupted. Gradually, their perception of themselves shifted from conquerors to rulers, even kings. Slowly but surely, they strayed down a dark path, forsaking their connection with Mondstadt’s gentle winds and falling into depravity. As a result, they lost the winds’ favor and affection.

How to Get Sacrificial Bow in Genshin Impact

To add the Sacrificial Bow to your collection in the game, you have the opportunity to obtain it through Wish Banners. These banners offer a chance to acquire different weapons and characters when you make pulls. Specifically, to get the Sacrificial Bow, you can try pulling on either the weapon banner or the normal banner.

The weapon banner is dedicated to granting players various powerful weapons, including the Sacrificial Bow. By making pulls on this specific banner, you increase your chances of obtaining this bow and adding it to your arsenal. On the other hand, the normal banner provides a broader range of items, including weapons like the Sacrificial Bow.

It’s important to note that the process of obtaining the Sacrificial Bow or any desired weapon through Wish Banners relies on chance. Each pull presents an opportunity to receive the weapon you seek, but it’s not guaranteed. You might need to make several pulls before finally obtaining the Sacrificial Bow.

Best Characters for Sacrificial Bow in Genshin Impact

Sacrificial Bow Genshin

If you have the Sacrificial Bow in the game, there are certain characters that are recommended to use it with. These characters have been found to work well with the bow’s abilities. Here are some of the recommended characters:

  • Fischl: Fischl is an adventurer who can summon an electric raven to assist in battles. The Sacrificial Bow can enhance her abilities and make her even more effective in combat.
  • Diona: Diona is a skilled archer who can create protective shields for her team. Equipping her with the Sacrificial Bow can further improve her support capabilities.
  • Sara: Sara is a character with electro abilities, capable of dealing damage and providing energy regeneration to her team. The Sacrificial Bow can enhance her electro attacks and boost her overall effectiveness.
  • Gorou: Gorou is a character who possesses strong elemental abilities and can summon a protective stone shield. Pairing him with the Sacrificial Bow can enhance his damage output and increase his survivability.
  • Yelan: Yelan is a bow-wielding character with pyro abilities. The Sacrificial Bow can complement her skills and make her pyro attacks more potent.
  • Faruzan: Faruzan is a character known for his precision and accuracy with the bow. Equipping him with the Sacrificial Bow can maximize his damage potential and make him a formidable archer.

It’s important to note that while these characters are recommended to use the Sacrificial Bow, their best-in-slot weapons may vary. This means that depending on the situation and the specific character’s abilities, there may be other weapons that are more suitable for them. It’s always good to consider the character’s playstyle and abilities when choosing the best weapon for them.

To Wrap it all Up

The Sacrificial Bow is a remarkable weapon in “Genshin Impact.” It was once a ceremonial hunting bow that has turned into stone over time. Despite its petrified appearance, the delicate decorative trinkets adorning it are still visible. When wielded, this bow grants the user the power to resist the effects of time, making them seemingly immune to its passage. It is highly regarded as a valuable and potent 4-Star bow in the game.

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