Monopoly GO: All Rewards in Santa Sprint Event

Monopoly GO‘s Santa’s Sprint tournament, a thrilling addition to the game’s December lineup, has garnered significant attention among players. This event, running alongside the Moonlight Treasures mini-game and the Gingerbread Galore main event, offers a unique opportunity for players to earn a plethora of rewards, including pickaxe tokens and free dice rolls. This article provides an in-depth look at Santa’s Sprint, detailing the rewards, strategies, and nuances of participating in this exciting tournament. Today, we are going to talk about Santa Sprint Monopoly GO

What is Santa’s Sprint Event in Monopoly GO

Santa’s Sprint is a fast-paced tournament where players compete against 49 others to accumulate as many points as possible. The event revolves around landing on Railway Tiles and performing various actions like Shutdowns, Heists, and Bankruptcies, each yielding different point values. The key to success in Santa’s Sprint lies in strategic gameplay and maximizing point accumulation.

Santa Sprint Monopoly GO

How To Score Maximum Points in Santa’s Sprint Event

Players can earn points in Santa’s Sprint by engaging in the following actions on Railway Tiles:

  • Blocked Shutdown: 2 points
  • Successful Shutdown: 4 points
  • Small Heist: 4 points
  • Large Heist: 6 points
  • Bankruptcy: 8 points

These points are multiplied by the player’s dice multiplier, emphasizing the importance of high rolls for climbing the leaderboard.

All Rewards of Santa’s Sprint Event in Monopoly GO

Santa’s Sprint offers a range of rewards based on player rankings and milestones achieved. The top 10 places on the leaderboard receive lucrative prizes, including sticker packs and free rolls. The rewards for the top three positions are particularly enticing:

  • 1st Place: 1,500 Free Rolls, 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack, Cash
  • 2nd Place: 800 Free Rolls, 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack, Cash
  • 3rd Place: 600 Free Rolls, 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack, Cash

In addition to leaderboard rewards, Santa’s Sprint features 30 gift milestones, offering rewards like pickaxe tokens for the Moonlight Treasures event and free dice rolls. These milestones provide players with additional incentives to participate and progress in the tournament.

How To Win Santa’s Sprint Event in Monopoly GO

Winning in Santa’s Sprint requires a blend of skill and luck. Players should aim to land on Railroads with high multipliers and opt for Bank Heists to maximize point accumulation. Observing the competition and gauging the feasibility of reaching the top of the leaderboard is crucial before committing a significant number of dice to the tournament.

Dice play a pivotal role in Santa’s Sprint, as they determine the player’s ability to land on strategic tiles and perform high-scoring actions. Managing dice effectively and capitalizing on free rolls obtained through milestones can significantly enhance a player’s chances of success.

Our Verdict

The competition in Santa’s Sprint heavily depends on the group dynamics. Some groups may have high-scoring players, making it challenging to secure a top position. Players should assess their group’s scoring trends before investing heavily in the tournament.

Santa’s Sprint runs concurrently with other events like Gingerbread Galore and Moonlight Treasures. Balancing participation across these events is key to maximizing overall rewards. Players should strategize to make the most of the overlapping events and their respective rewards.

To Wrap it all Up

Santa’s Sprint in Monopoly GO offers an exhilarating challenge for players seeking to climb the ranks rapidly and earn substantial rewards. With its unique scoring system, diverse rewards, and strategic gameplay, Santa’s Sprint has become a highlight of Monopoly GO’s December events. Players who skillfully navigate this tournament stand to gain not only in terms of in-game currency and items but also in the sheer enjoyment of competing in one of Monopoly GO’s most dynamic and rewarding events. As the tournament progresses, players are reminded of the joys of strategic gameplay and the excitement of competing against a diverse group of opponents in the quest for Monopoly GO supremacy.

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