How to Complete Solved by The Bell Hogwarts Legacy

Solved by The Bell Hogwarts Legacy: In Hogwarts Legacy, quests can be different levels of difficulty, making the game interesting and fun. As you go through the magical world, quests can be easy or harder. Some quests need you to think and use your skills to do well.

The game is smart and changes the difficulty to match your skills, so new players and those who know the game can find quests that feel right. You might need to defeat magical creatures or solve tricky puzzles. Hogwarts Legacy has many types of challenges that keep you excited and having fun. It helps you learn and become better at the wizarding world step by step.

Solved by The Bell in Hogwarts Legacy

“Solved by the Bell” is a fun Hogwarts Legacy Side Quest. This quest will take you on an adventure that is not part of the main story. It’s like a side mission that adds to the game’s fun. You’ll visit new places, meet new people, and solve puzzles or complete tasks. The quest’s name, “Solved by the Bell,” suggests that time is of the essence. Perhaps you must complete the quest before a certain time limit, such as when a bell rings to indicate completion. This Side Quest allows you to experience something new and exciting in the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Find & Start Side Quest Solved by The Bell

You must first visit Henrietta’s Hideaway to begin the “Solved by the Bell” quest. It’s located in the bottom right corner of the Manor Cape area, as shown on the map. Above the hideaway, there are ancient ruins guarded by Ashwinders and a formidable foe known as Dunstan Trinity. So be cautious if you go there. Walk to the southeast and then turn left to find the entrance. There are steps leading down to the entrance.

Once you’re inside Henrietta’s Hideaway, there’s a puzzle to solve. Look at the left statue and use a spell like Confringo or Incendio to light the fire thing in front of it. This will make the statue turn and show a block you need. Use the spell Windgardium Leviosa to move the block to the right spot in front of the door. Then, use Confringo or Incendio on the left block and Glacius on the right block to open the door. Before you go in, light the fire thing in front of the right statue to find a chest with gears inside.

Solved by The Bell Hogwarts Legacy

Inside, you’ll see Ashwinders. You can fight them or use a spell called Disillusionment to sneak past them. Use another spell called Revelio to find all the enemies and things you can collect. Go up the stairs on the left side of the big statue. Turn right at the top and follow the path on the balcony.

The Options & What to Choose

You’ll find a strange floor that sends you back when you step on it. To get past it, you can try three things:

  1. Place an enemy on the floor or use the Accio spell to pull one onto the floor, then quickly cross it. If the enemy disappears, the floor will not force you to return if you are quick.
  2. Cast Wingardium Leviosa to place an object on the floor and quickly cross. It’s similar to the first method, but grabbing an object is easier.
  3. If you’ve completed a task from Madam Kogawa, you can use the Arresto Momentum spell to prevent the floor from forcing you to return.

After you get past the precarious floor, you will be in a new area with more Ashwinders. You’ll beat them or sneak past with Disillusionment. Go toward the unusual divider underneath the overhang.

After you go close the divider, you’ll see a covered up entrance. As before long as you walk through it, you’ll proceed the journey.

Finding the Treasure Map

After completing the main quest “Tomes and Tribulations,” you can begin the side quest “Solved by the Bell.” This quest takes you to Henrietta’s Hideaway, which is located far to the south on the map. Fly over the lower part of the Hideaway and look for a small cave (shown in the pictures). That is where you enter.

Inside, turn the column by casting a fire spell on the brazier on the left side of the room. Then, take the cube and place it on the mark on the ground that does not have a cube. Cast a fire spell on that cube and a Glacius spell on the other.

Enter the room ahead and carefully proceed, either by walking quietly or defending yourself against the Dark Wizards. Turn towards the left and climb the stairs. Then, cast a spell called Wingardium Leviosa to make the pot move across. Place the object on the ground where it can pick up items, and then turn towards the left direction. Do you see the room on the right. Walk through the fake wall and you will find the Mysterious Map. Afterwards, exit the dungeon.

How to Complete Solved by The Bell in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you’ve obtained the map, proceed to Clagmar Castle, which is located on the bottom right side of the map.

Inside the castle, defeat all enemies before searching for bells. Press the:r2: /:rt: buttons in the following order to ring the bells: 1 (bottom right bell), 2 (middle left bell), 3 (top left bell), 4 (top right bell), 5 (middle left again), 6 (top left bell), 7 (top right bell). A chest will appear on your left when you hear the familiar tune. Open it up.

To Wrap it all Up

The quests in Hogwarts Legacy have different levels of difficulty, which makes the magical world really interesting. “Solved by the Bell” is an exciting mission where you investigate, find answers to problems, and feel a sense of urgency like a ringing bell.

Start at Henrietta’s Hideaway, figure out puzzles, hide or fight Ashwinders, and conquer difficulties. After finishing “Tomes and Tribulations,” locate the map, go inside Clagmar Castle, overcome the foes you encounter, and ring the bells as instructed. Doing quests in Hogwarts Legacy gives you fun and exciting magical experiences.

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