Spider-Man Multiplayer Game Is Canceled

The recent extensive leak at Insomniac Games following the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has brought to light the existence of a Spider-Man multiplayer game, which appears to have been canceled. Although Insomniac addressed the data leak in a statement a few days ago, it did not confirm the existence of the multiplayer Spider-Man project.

This breach has become a major topic of discussion in the gaming industry, as it seems to have exposed Insomniac’s entire game lineup for the next decade. This unfortunate incident raises concerns about its potential impact on the studio’s future projects. The scale of the problem was so significant that a complete PC build for Marvel’s Wolverine became available for download online, leading to numerous reports from users who received DMCA notices from their internet service providers.

The total leaked data amounts to approximately 1.7 terabytes, and new revelations continue to emerge days after the initial incident, shedding light on various aspects within the leaked information.

Spider-Man Multiplayer Game Reportedly Canceled

Spider-Man Multiplayer Game

According to information from Jason Schreier at Bloomberg, a multiplayer Spider-Man project titled “Spider-Man: The Great Web” was disclosed to have been in development at Insomniac Games in the past few years. The report suggests that the game, involving players collaborating with other Spider-characters to combat crime in New York, was canceled by the studio “a long time ago.” This implies that some of the details revealed in the leaked data might not be entirely accurate, given that plans can evolve over the years. The report did not specify the original planned release date, leaving uncertainty about whether “Spider-Man: The Great Web” was intended to launch before or after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

It’s possible that certain aspects of the scrapped project could still be incorporated into future plans. The leak also unveiled a potential online mode for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 set for 2024, suggesting that the developer may not have completely abandoned the concept. However, as Insomniac Games has not yet commented on the leaked online mode, there’s a chance that plans may change, and the mode might not come to fruition.

Those eager for solid information about Insomniac Games’ definitive plans should approach the leaked details with caution. While it appears that information about the next five games from Insomniac has surfaced, long-term strategies are subject to constant adjustments and may not unfold as anticipated, especially in an industry influenced by evolving trends. The leaks provide an intriguing glimpse into the inner workings of a major gaming developer, but they may not present a comprehensive overview of Insomniac’s future intentions.


The cancellation of the Spider-Man multiplayer game marks a significant turn of events for fans eagerly anticipating a collaborative web-slinging experience. The article delves into the reasons behind the cancellation, potential implications for the Spider-Man gaming franchise, and the disappointment resonating within the gaming community. As we bid farewell to the prospect of swinging through the city with friends, the conclusion reflects on the impact this decision has on the gaming landscape and Spider-Man enthusiasts.

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