Starfield Not Launching Error FIX

Imagine you’re excited to play Starfield by Bethesda, but when you try to play it on Steam, it doesn’t start properly. It either crashes, shows a black screen, or doesn’t work at all. Don’t worry! This guide will help you fix these issues and get Starfield to launch correctly. Today, we are going to Fix Starfield Not Launching Error.

Starfield Premium Edition

If you have the special Starfield Premium Edition, you could start playing the game in advance than others. In North America, you may begin on August 31 at 8 pm in case you stay in the Eastern time quarter, or five pm if you live inside the Pacific time region. In Europe, you can begin on September 1st at 2 a.m. Some of you may have already gotten the sport and have been looking ahead to the countdown to end so you may want to start playing early.

How to Fix Starfield Not Launching on Consoles

However, in case you are not able to play it for any reason, there’s no need to be worried. It is not a big issue; it just requires a few simple fixes.

Power Cycling on Xbox

If you are using Xbox Series X/S and going through an issue, you can try a way called ‘power cycling’ to fix it. Here is what you need to do:

  • Switch off your Xbox entirely.
  • Take out the Power Cord.
  • Keep it disconnected for 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Connect it once more and start your Xbox.
Starfield Not Launching

How to Fix Starfield Not Launching on PC

PC has a few more fixes than the console side, as it has a wider player base and more tech geeks.

Un-Pack Starfield Game Files

If you can’t open your Starfield game on Steam, it may be because all the game files haven’t finished downloading yet. Even if you downloaded Starfield beforehand, you still have to extract certain files with the use of Steam Downloads. To try this, make certain your PC has at least 140GB of storage. If you do not have the Day One patch, the game needs 116.27GB of space. So, you want to open those additional files to fix the problem.

Verify The Integrity of Game Files

If your Starfield game isn’t responsive or won’t start, it might be due to the fact some files in the game are damaged or not there anymore. Instead of installing the game once more, you may have a look at and repair those files.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Start the Steam application.
  • Right-click on the Starfield Game in your Library.
  • Click on Properties.
  • Click on the tab categorized “Local Files. “
  • Click on the option that says “Verify Integrity of Game Files.”

This will test your game files and connect any that are inflicting problems.

Disable Full Screen Optimizations

To avoid problems with Starfield, you could turn off Windows’ full-display optimization feature. Here’s what you want to do:

  1. Look for the Starfield executable file.
  2. Right-click on it and choose “Properties. “
  3. Go to the “Compatibility” tab.
  4. Tick the field that says “Disable full-screen optimizations.”

Doing this could make your gaming feel in smoother.

To Wrap it all Up

To troubleshoot Starfield launch issues, this guide offers solutions for a smooth gaming experience. If you’re eager to play Bethesda’s Starfield but encounter launch problems on Steam, fret not, as this guide has you covered. For Starfield Premium Edition owners, early access is a great perk, and solutions are available if it’s not working.

On consoles like Xbox Series X/S, power cycling can be the remedy to ensure smooth game loading. For PC users, there are additional fixes. Unpacking the game files in Steam Downloads can resolve launch issues, requiring ample storage space. Verifying the integrity of game files can also fix unresponsive or non-launching games.

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