How to Get Sussur Tree Bark in Baldurs Gate 3

Sussur Tree Bark Baldurs Gate 3: “Baldur’s Gate 3” is a delusion online game where you turn out to be a individual in an exciting story. It’s made by means of Larian Studios and is a part of a famous game series. You create your very own man or woman and make important choices that have an effect on the story.

The game has battles wherein you take turns to fight, and the story modifications based on what you do. The game appears truly appropriate and has numerous interesting matters to see and do. It’s all approximately exploring a big global, the use of magic, and happening massive adventures.

Sussur Tree Bark in Baldurs Gate 3

In “Baldur’s Gate 3,” Sussur Bark plays a vital function in progressing thru the “Finish the Masterwork Weapon” quest. This quest will become available as you task via the Blighted Village.

In this part of the game, you’ll want to achieve Sussur Bark to develop. Sussur Bark is a special object it is crucial for completing the quest, and you’ll need to locate it to retain your journey.

It’s an important step as it publications your moves and selections in the game, main you on a adventure to gather this vital element for the masterwork weapon. Your fulfillment in acquiring Sussur Bark impacts the outcome of the hunt and your general development in the sport’s storyline.

Location of The Sussur Tree Bark

You can locate Sussur Bark underground in a place referred to as the Underdark. It is placed in an area referred to as the Dread Hollow, which isn’t a ways from the Decrepit Village. Finding the big white Sussur Tree is not difficult, but to gather its bark, you need to visit a specific location. Since you are still early in the game, it’s not likely which you have explored the Underdark yet.

Sussur Tree Bark Baldurs Gate 3

How to Get The Sussur Tree Bark in Baldurs Gate 3

For this quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, you need to go to a place referred to as the Underdark. This is a deep underground place in the sport. To get there, you may use unique ways like going through the Defiled Temple, using a spell known as Featherfall to go down a pit, or taking an elevator at the Zhentarim Hideout.

Once you’re inside the Underdark, locate the Sussur Tree waypoint at the western side. There, you may see a big tree in a glowing pit. Fight some enemies if wished, then walk at the branches toward the middle of the tree. On the south facet, you’ll find a spot wherein you may get the Sussur Tree Bark. Look for an orange outline to discover it. This bark is critical in your quest.

How to Complete The Masterwork Weapon

Now which you have the bark, pass returned to the basement forge and comply with those steps to make your Sussur weapon:

  • Light the forge by clicking on it.
  • Use the Blacksmith Bellows.
  • Click on the forge once more.
  • Put the Sussur Bark within the empty slot.
  • Click “Combine”

Activate the forge and installed a dagger, greatsword, or sickle, then click “combine” to craft the weapon. A scene will display your weapon being made, finishing the quest and letting you equip it. If you’re a Guild Artisan, you may also complete an Inspiration purpose. Remember, you can best make one Sussur weapon, so pick carefully.

To Wrap it all Up

“Baldur’s Gate 3” is a fun myth recreation made through Larian Studios. In the game, there is something referred to as Sussur Bark that is without a doubt crucial for a quest called “Finish the Masterwork Weapon.” You need it to make a special weapon.

You can locate Sussur Bark in a place known as Dread Hollow in the Underdark. To move there, you could use the Defiled Temple, Featherfall spell, or Zhentarim Hideout elevator. Look for the Sussur Tree waypoint, get the bark from a sparkling pit tree, and fight some horrific men. Then, use a forge to make the weapon and finish the hunt. You can pick out a dagger, greatsword, or sickle. If you’re a Guild Artisan, you will acquire some thing unique. But do not forget, you could handiest make one Sussur weapon.

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