How to Get Symphony of Sins Hearthstone Explained

Symphony of Sins Hearthstone: Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone is a popular digital card game. Players take on the roles of Warcraft world heroes and battle one other with card decks. The goal is to reduce the health of your opponent’s hero to zero while protecting your own. Decks can be customised with cards such as minions, spells, and weapons, allowing for a variety of playstyles. The game includes modes such as Ranked Play and Casual Play, as well as regular updates and events that introduce new cards and adventures. Hearthstone is one of the most popular digital card games in the world, because to its strategic gameplay and devoted community.

Symphony of Sins in Hearthstone

“Symphony of Sins” is a magnificent Legendary Warlock Spell from the Festival of Legends set. This card encapsulates the essence of the Warlock class, luring players with the allure of evil powers and diabolical delights despite its low Mana cost of 5.

As the card’s name suggests, it conjures up a symphony of evil, providing players with a slew of malevolent possibilities. “Symphony of Sins” promises a crescendo of devilish options, whether it’s summoning malevolent demons to the battlefield, wielding prohibited curses to cripple opponents, or draining the life force of foes to strengthen the Warlock’s own black magic.

The majestic and mythical concept of the Festival of Legends set wonderfully compliments the grandeur of “Symphony of Sins.” As players explore the festival’s fascinating realm, they’ll discover new techniques and synergies for unleashing the legendary spell’s full potential. Only the most cunning and courageous Warlocks will be able to unlock its secrets and gain unrivalled battlefield control.

Symphony of Sins Hearthstone

How to Get Symphony of Sins in Hearthstone

Here are the ways you can get the “Symphony of Sins” card in simple words:

  • Card packs: When you open specific card packs, including as the Warlock Pack, Standard Pack, Golden Standard Pack, Festival of Legends, or Golden Festival of Legends, you will find “Symphony of Sins” at random.
  • Crafting: By investing 1600 Dust, you can make a normal copy of the card. The golden version will set you back 3200 Dust.
  • Run: After completing an Arena or Heroic Duels run, you may be rewarded with a normal “Symphony of Sins” card.
  • Achievement: As an achievement reward, if you manage to climb the ranks and reach Legend in Ranked mode (any format), you may receive a standard “Symphony of Sins” card.


You can obtain accomplishments in the game. One of them is entitled “I Like to Move Movement.” To unlock this achievement, you must complete all seven Symphony of Sin Movements in a single game. You will receive 20 prizes for doing so.

Stats for Symphony of Sins

This card requires 5 Mana to use in the game. A standard copy of the card will cost you 1600 Arcane Dust to create. It will cost 3200 Arcane Dust to manufacture a shiny golden version, but you will earn 1600 Arcane Dust if you disenchant a golden duplicate. This card has a Legendary rarity and is from the Warlock class.

  • This card’s flavour text reads, “Makes for some killer final boss music.”
  • It’s a Spell card from the Festival of Legends card set.

The mechanics of the card include “Add to Deck,” which allows you to place this card in your deck when you make it, and “Discover,” which lets you to choose a card from a range of random alternatives when you play it.

To Wrap it all Up

“Symphony of Sins” stands out as an outstanding Legendary Warlock Spell in the Festival of Legends set. Despite its cheap Mana cost of 5, this card wields enormous power, enticing players with dark possibilities. It empowers the Warlock’s evil magic by summoning wicked demons, casting forbidden curses, and draining foes’ life energy.

To obtain “Symphony of Sins,” players must unlock special card packs such as the Warlock Pack or manufacture it with Dust. It may also be earned by completing an Arena or Heroic Duels run, or by earning Legend rank in Ranked mode.

Overall, with its “Add to Deck” and “Discover” functions, this legendary card adds depth and strategy to the game, ensuring fascinating gaming. As players embrace the Festival of Legends and understand the mysteries of “Symphony of Sins,” they unleash the possibility for unprecedented victory on the Hearthstone battlefield, cementing their place among the most cunning and brave Warlocks.

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