Tekken 7 Guest Characters – What it Means for Tekken 8?

Tekken 7 Guest Characters: The critically praised and exhilarating fighting game Tekken 7 was created and released by Bandai Namco Entertainment and is a part of the venerable Tekken series. Tekken 7 is a 2015 arcade game that was subsequently released on PC, consoles, and other gaming platforms. It features fierce combat and complex plotlines as it continues the epic history of the Mishima family rivalry.

Tekken 7 has gained a particular place in the hearts of both longtime fans and series newbies thanks to its amazing 3D graphics, rich and varied character roster, and polished gameplay mechanics. battling game fans everywhere must play the game since it provides an exciting battling experience.

The Storyline of Tekken 7

Following the events of Tekken 6, the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation are still at war, and Jin Kazama has vanished. The narrative of the Mishima family’s story is introduced by an investigative journalist who lost his family in the fighting. The game dives into the past, exposing the terrible encounter between a young Kazuya and his father, Heihachi, that launched the events of the Tekken games. In order to reveal Kazuya’s Devil Gene, Heihachi regains command of the Mishima Zaibatsu and starts the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

The conflict between the formidable Mishimas, Akuma, and Jin intensifies as battles amongst them, culminating in a conflagration. As Jin struggles to deal with his family’s past and put a stop to the conflict they started, the destiny of the whole planet is in jeopardy.

The Characters in Tekken 7

The array of characters in Tekken 7 is interesting and diverse. Each character brings to the game their own fighting style and history. The roster includes formidable cyborgs like Bryan Fury, androids like Alisa Bosconovitch. Martial artists like Asuka Kazama, and even powerful androids like Alisa Bosconovitch..

Tekken 7 Guest Characters

The list is further expanded by include DLC characters such Geese Howard, Noctis Lucis Caelum, and Negan Smith, as well as special guests from other well-known properties. Characters like Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, and Heihachi Mishima are embroiled in a protracted conflict, and the Mishima family is crucial to the game’s plot.

Complete List of Characters in Tekken 7

Character NameRelease DateAvailability
BRYAN FURYDefault Cast
JIN KAZAMAMarch 31, 2015Playable Post-Arcade Launch
DEVIL JINApril 7, 2015Playable Post-Arcade Launch
JOSIE RIZALApril 21, 2015Playable Post-Arcade Launch
GIGASApril 28, 2015Playable Post-Arcade Launch
ELIZAJuly 28, 2017Pre-order Bonus/Extra DLC
GEESE HOWARDNovember 30, 2017Season 1 DLC
NOCTIS LUCIS CAELUMMarch 20, 2018Season 1 DLC
ANNA WILLIAMSSeptember 6, 2018Season 2 DLC
ZAFINASeptember 10, 2019Season 3 DLC
GANRYUDecember 10, 2019Season 3 DLC
LEROY SMITHDecember 10, 2019Season 3 DLC
FAHKUMRAMMarch 24, 2020Season 3 DLC
KUNIMITSUNovember 10, 2020Season 4 DLC
LIDIA SOBIESKAMarch 23, 2021Season 4 DLC
Devil KazuyaMishima Saga-exclusive
Young KazuyaMishima Saga-exclusive
Young HeihachiMishima Saga-exclusive
Ascended HeihachiMishima Saga-exclusive
Devil KazumiUnplayable

Tekken 7 Guest Characters

Akuma is one of the new characters that can be found in Tekken 7. He may be familiar to you from the video game Street Fighter. He follows Gon from Tekken 3 as the second guest character to appear in the Tekken series. After then, new downloadable content (DLCs) introduced more crossover fighters. Tekken 7 also has Geese, Noctis, Negan, and, of course, Akuma as special guests.

Noctis, the main character of Final Fantasy XV, is the fourth selectable guest character in Tekken 7. Noctis is a powerful character in his own right. Despite the fact that he may not be the most well-known Final Fantasy hero. However, his inclusion in Tekken 7 seems puzzling. He distinguishes himself from the other characters by being the only one who is armed. Which was a peculiar yet intriguing decision on the side of the creators.

What Does it Mean for Tekken 8?

Fans are anticipating more crossovers in Tekken 8 after the popularity of Tekken 7 and its guest characters. Tekken 7 added guest characters like Akuma from Street Fighter, when the series had previously centred on its own characters. The Tekken fanbase has been speculating on who may show up in the upcoming game as a result of this. Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation, the popularity of the guest characters in Tekken 7 raises the possibility that they may appear in Tekken 8. Fans anticipate a well-balanced cast of characters since they think the series benefited from having interesting guest stars.

To Wrap it all Up

With its fierce fights and compelling narrative centred on the rivalry between the Mishima family members. Tekken 7 has won many fans. The eclectic cast of characters in the game, which includes special guests Akuma from Street Fighter. DLC characters like Geese Howard, Noctis, and Negan, has gotten positive reviews. Fans anxiously await more crossovers in Tekken 8 after the popularity of the guest characters in Tekken 7.

Discussions in the Tekken community have been prompted by the potential for additional guest characters from diverse media. Even though this has not been officially announced. Fighting game fans are eagerly anticipating Tekken 8. Which might bring excitement and newness to the series by incorporating well chosen guest characters.

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