Dead Island 2: Unique Weapons and Their Location

In Dead Island 2, missions replace looting for earning unique weapons. The action RPG provides guns and melee weapons for combat. Hell-A’s zones contain weapons of varying rarity, but finding Unique or Legendary-grade ones can be challenging. Additionally, Unique weapons in Dead Island 2 have trade and scrapping restrictions, often featuring customized designs and advantageous traits.

Dead Island 2’s weapons evolve and level up in a distinctive way, keeping pace with the player and their in-game avatar. Each variation of these weapons has a unique name that was chosen by the game’s designers. The fact that Unique Weapons can only be found once, making them irreplaceable if lost, must be emphasised. This guide provides helpful instructions on where to find and get each Unique Weapon in Dead Island 2 to help gamers on their quest.

Unique Weapons and Their Location in Dead Island 2

Black Magic in Dead Island 2

Players can acquire the baseball bat as a unique weapon of the highest caliber in Dead Island 2. To obtain it, they must venture to Venice Beach, where they will encounter Rose, a unique Screamer, guarding an abandoned checkpoint in the northeast. Defeating Rose will yield a key, which can be used to unlock the Storage Box located behind the counter of her tattoo parlor on the boardwalk. Inside the box, players will discover Black Magic, a one-of-a-kind weapon that can be added to their collection.

Extinction Event in Dead Island 2

After completing the main objective Boardwalking Dead in Dead Island 2, players will get access to Hell-A, where they will encounter a variety of Zombie Butchers, including one named Target Practice. It is possible to stumble into these Butchers when out and about. The key to Nikki’s Bounty Box, which can be found in Nikki Gutte’s bedroom closet in the southwest corner of the map, may be obtained after defeating Target Practice. A high-quality handgun known as “Variety” may be found within the box. The Superior Liquidator upgrade and Acid Rain perk turn this handgun into a devastating weapon.

Gastric Bypass in Dead Island 2

Players who go to Venice Beach in Dead Island 2 may find themselves in possession of a hammer. This weapon is of the rare category. The Burger ’66 Server, an uncommon Slobber zombie, may be found in the area outside the police station. If you kill this zombie, he or she will drop a key that may be used to get access to a locker in the adjacent Burger ’66 staff room. You’ll find the odd Gastric Bypass weapon there—a powerful and easily recognizable hammer.

Jade Dragon in Dead Island 2

A high-quality sword is obtainable in Dead Island 2. As a side mission, “It Came from Monarch Studios,” and its sequel, “The Terror of Sound Stage 7!” are required to earn this weapon. The Monarch Studios building houses several quests. After finishing “The Red Mist,” talk to the nearby radio to begin the side quest. Players who complete “The Terror of Sound Stage 7!” quest will get the powerful Jade Dragon sword as their prize.

O-Kami and Whiskey in Dead Island 2

One of the rarest weapons in Dead Island 2 is a katana dubbed “O-Kami and Whiskey.” This is a very uncommon weapon. One must accomplish the Beverly Hills optional missions “Resurrect the Rex” and “The Ballad of Rikky Rex” to get it. A unique maiming katana, that increases both harm to limbs and resistance to injury. Players who complete the game’s final task will get “O-Kami and Whiskey” from Rikky Rex himself.

Peggy in Dead Island 2

Peggy, a high-end rifle, is obtainable in Dead Island 2. This potent gun may be obtained by completing the Bel-Air side quest “Creature Comforts.” The journey starts with the hero tracking down actor Curtis Sinclair and bringing him to safety. After locating Curtis, who seeks refuge in Emma Jaunt’s home, players will get a request from Curtis to acquire alcoholic beverages and cigars on his behalf. Players who comply with Curtis’ requests will be given the powerful firearm Peggy, which has additional powers.

Raven in Dead Island 2


A exotic firearm known as the Raven is up for grabs in Dead Island 2. The Raven has a very dangerous quality: with each strike it scores, the enemy takes more and more damage until it is finally defeated. To get Raven, players must finish the Lost & Found quest “My Mailman Was a Zombie.” To begin, get the Fast Travel Map and use it to go to Bel-Air. Behind the Bel-Air delivery vehicle, they must find the spawning diary that will start the quest and lead them to the mailman.

Red Dragon


A Red Dragon shotgun of the highest class is available to players in Dead Island 2. The remarkable power and efficiency of this shotgun make it very desirable. The Red Dragon may be acquired by simply going to a trader on Ocean Avenue and buying it out of their stock.

Shark Tooth in Dead Island 2


Players may get the superior-class weapon Shark Tooth in Dead Island 2. The Rav-Ages of Caustic X, Boz Makes a Bang, and Dez and the Mother of Satan are three lucrative side missions that must be properly completed in that sequence for players to gain this potent weapon. Players will get the Mystery Goodie Box Key after finishing the third and last task in the chain. Players will get the sought-after Shark Tooth sword, which has a “Electrocutor” mod that increases electrical damage to strikes, after using this key to open the box. The weapon also has a bonus that increases shock damage, making it a potent weapon to use against undead opponents.

Special Forces


A high-quality Special Forces knife is obtainable in Dead Island 2. The ability of competent players to greatly enhance critical damage with this one-of-a-kind weapon has earned it widespread reputation. Visiting a vendor on Venice Beach and buying the Special Forces Knife from their stock is all that’s required to get your hands on this blade. The Special Forces Knife is a crucial weapon for survivors in the post-apocalyptic environment of Dead Island 2 due to its high status and impressive skills.

The Tenderizer in Dead Island 2


A rare and special melee weapon known as “The Tenderizer,” a Maiming-class Meat Hammer, is up for grabs on Dead Island. The unusual and powerful hammer provides a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Traders may be found on Venice Beach, and it is through them that gamers can acquire The Tenderizer. The Tenderizer is an excellent option for players wishing to deliver significant damage to their zombie opponents in Dead Island, because to its rarity and unique properties.



Obtain the rare Wildstyle axe, a superior-class weapon in Dead Island 2 with a unique design resembling a firefighter’s equipment. Start the “The Art of War” side quest on Ocean Avenue and receive the weapon upon completion. Keep in mind that this quest is challenging, especially for new players early in the game. Those who overcome the difficulties will be rewarded with a powerful and visually appealing Wildstyle axe.

Zom-B-Gon in Dead Island 2


Obtain the powerful Zom-B-Gon axe, a unique weapon in Dead Island 2 that inflicts bleeding damage and spreads among zombies. Complete the “Going Viral” side quest on Hollywood Boulevard after finishing the main storyline. Access the quest by completing two side missions: “#Clickbait” in Bel-Air and “Like and Follow” on the Pier, given by Amanda Styles. Successfully completing the “Going Viral” mission rewards players with the Zom-B-Gon, a lethal weapon that deals significant damage and causes bleeding to undead enemies. Enhance your arsenal and conquer the zombie horde.

Final Verdict

Discover unique weapons locations in Dead Island 2 for better survival. Uncover rare and powerful weapons to defend against relentless zombies. Each special weapon, such as swords, guns, or hammers, offers unique advantages. Obtain these coveted weapons through exploration, missions, and trading with merchants to gain a significant advantage in the battle for survival. With the right tools, you’ll overcome any challenge in Dead Island 2’s harsh environment.

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