How to Do the Zelda Duplication Glitch in TOTK, Complete Guide

Glitch in Zelda Duplication. It’s crucial to remember that bugs in “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” might differ based on the game’s version and platform. Here are a few examples of known bugs:

By performing precise moves and hops in Faron Woods, you can visit Hyrule Field sooner than planned, owing to a bug known as “Hyrule Field Early.” Another glitch known as “Infinite Bomb Arrows” allows you to obtain an infinite supply of strong bomb arrows by following a certain set of instructions.

Players can circumvent the need of getting the boss key in some dungeons by exploiting particular flaws or sequence breakdowns, a glitch known as “Boss Key Skip.” Another bug known as “Epona Early” allows you to gain Epona, Link’s horse, earlier than planned by using exact movement and timing.

The “Fishing Hole Glitch” allows you to clip through walls and explore locations outside of the approved fishing area.

However, be cautious while trying glitches because they might have unforeseen repercussions and disturb your game experience.
Glitches may have been resolved by developers in future updates or versions of the game.

One such glitch is the Zelda Duplication Glitch.

What is The Zelda Duplication Glitch in TOTK

“The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom boasts several glitches that grant players the ability to duplicate a wide range of valuable in-game items, including materials, weapons, swords, and shields. However, it’s worth noting that these glitches are temporary opportunities that will likely be addressed by Nintendo in future patches. While utilizing these exploits may initially provide players with a surplus of rupees, it’s important to acknowledge that it can disrupt the game’s economy and diminish the intended enjoyment of Tears of the Kingdom.

Nevertheless, for players who find themselves in dire need of resources or funds within Tears of the Kingdom, these duplication glitches can be executed with relative ease and minimal risk. Armed with a bow, arrows, or even a paraglider, and armed with patience, players can duplicate their desired items—always keeping in mind the possibility of Nintendo taking measures against such exploits in due course.”

How to Do The Zelda Duplication Glitch in TOTK

  1. Make sure you have a bow, melee weapon, and shield equipped on Link.
  2. Use the ZR button to switch to the bow, but don’t aim or load an arrow.
  3. Press up on the D-pad to merge the desired material onto an arrow.
  4. Pause the game by pressing the plus button, then navigate to the “Bows and Arrows” tab in the pause menu and drop your currently equipped bow.
  5. While the pause menu is still open, quickly equip a different bow.
  6. Close and reopen the pause menu by pressing the plus button twice in rapid succession.
  7. You should now see the fused material on the bow and arrow you have currently equipped.
  8. Drop the bow you currently have equipped on the ground, and then exit the pause menu.
  9. You should now have two bows, each with the fused material, lying on the ground.

This glitch can be particularly useful for duplicating rare and valuable items such as diamonds, which can be sold for a hefty sum of 500 rupees each.

If you prefer visual instructions, you can check out the video below, which not only demonstrates the same duplication glitch but also provides guidance on duplicating weapons, shields, and bows. Do note that duplicating those items requires a slightly more involved process, involving saving and reloading the game each time you want to duplicate something.

How to Do The Zelda Duplication Glitch in Simple Words

To begin performing the duplicate bug in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” equip Link with a bow, melee weapon, and shield. Without sighting or loading an arrow, switch to the bow. By pushing up on the D-pad, you may merge the chosen material onto an arrow. Pause the game and select your equipped bow from the pause menu’s “Bows and Arrows” option. While the pause menu is still active, quickly equip a different bow, then close and reopen the menu.

The fused material should now be visible on your equipped bow and arrow. Drop the equipped bow to the ground, then exit the pause menu to find two fused bows on the ground. This bug is useful for replicating precious commodities such as diamonds, which sell for 500 rupees apiece. Check out the video below for a visual tutorial to the problem and how to replicate weapons, shields, and bows. Keep in mind that duplicating such goods necessitates saving and restarting the game each time.

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