Gears of War 3: Weapons Walkthrough

The COG and Locust Weapons have been completely overhauled for the third installment of the Gears of War 3 series. Even some of the weapons that are returning have been updated with new features and modifications that set them apart from their Gears 2 counterparts.

Gears of War 3: Weapons


You may customize your starting loadout by choosing from one of three different rifles. Both the Lancer and the Hammerburst make a comeback from Gears 2, while the Retro Lancer is introduced for the first first time in this installment.

You now have the ability, new to Gears 3, to aim down the sights of the Hammerburst. Because of this, even greater long-range precision and stability may be achieved. Even yet, the Hammerburst is not even close to being as deadly as either of the Lancers, but it is excellent for situations in which you need to ensure a down and execution.

The redesigned Retro Lancer suffers from a significant amount of recoil and has poor accuracy. To get the most out of the Retro’s impressive damage output, it is recommended to employ short, controlled bursts of fire. Moreover, the Lancer is armed with a bayonet that is very sharp and may be utilized to rush into battle and skewer adversaries. Although the Retro Lancer charge does significant damage, it is not the sole method of doing damage up close; you may still use it as a melee weapon and carry out Executions in addition to using the charge.

The tried and proven Longshot is similar to Rifles but is not part of the standard arsenal. A headshot from this sniper rifle will be just as devastating as any other. The pistol has a minor drawback in that it flashes brightly for an instant, warning enemies that they may be shot in the head.

Close Range Weapons

You have the choice between the well-known Gnasher and the recently added Sawed-Off as the shotgun that will be used by default. In most respects, the Gnasher has not changed, albeit in comparison to its Gears 2 incarnation, it does appear to possess somewhat less raw strength. It may take an additional shot (or maybe only one that is perfectly placed) to mutilate your opponent.

The high-powered Sawed-Off can put an end to one or more foes in an instant even when they are within extremely close range. Despite this, it is one of the slower weapons in your arsenal. Get the heck out of there if you don’t hit all of your targets or just don’t manage to kill them all. You will quickly become a splattered corpse if you wait for your Sawed-Off to be reloaded.

While you can’t use it in your basic loadout, the Scorcher may also be thought of as a close-quarters combat weapon (CQC). Execution is the only genuine improvement that can be made to the flamethrower in Gears of War 3.

Explosive Launchers

The Boomshot may now be found mounted atop the Locust Multi-Turrets in Gears of War 3, making it available to players. The Boomshot and the Torque Bow are also making a comeback, but the Digger is the star of the show.

This launcher will fire a subterranean monster that burrows and will spring out and detonate when it comes into touch with an enemy. This is an excellent weapon for eliminating foes that are hiding behind cover (or forcing them out into the crossfire). It is difficult to aim when you are standing at a significantly different height than your objective, which is one of the limitations of this method.


Both the Snub and the Boltok operate in the same way as their Gears 2 builds (One being rather weak and fast, the other damn strong). The Gorgon represents genuine transformation. The Gorgon Pistol from Gears of War 2 could only fire in short bursts, while the Gorgon from Gears of War 3 has been upgraded to a fully automatic Submachinegun. This upgrade transforms the Gorgon into something like a bite-sized Lancer and works well in conjunction with a Boom Shield or a meaty hostage.

Heavy Weapons

The largest and most powerful weapons currently in use. Keeping them on you will make you move more slowly, but in the long run, they will be beneficial. Both the Mortar and the Mulcher are making a comeback in Gears 3. The already lethal Mulcher now has the ability to fire while moving, making it even more dangerous in situations where there is no cover.

The brand-new Oneshot is where the true pleasure lies. You merely need to load, aim, and release a lethal shot that will demolish everything that stands in its way, as the name of the ability suggests. This is a monstrosity that is incredibly powerful and can wreak havoc with the help of a quick trigger finger.

In addition, the campaign includes the Vulcan, a two-manned minigun that can rain an unreasonable number of shots down on its target. The wielder, on the other hand, is unable to reload on their own and must rely on a friend or colleague to manually spin the ammunition box. Prepare to be daisy tied to your fellow service members at all times.

You may now wield the formidable Cleaver that was given to you by the Butcher. Even though it’s not a firearm, it still possesses a high level of durability, so you should use it with extreme caution. The Cleaver does devastating damage, enough to eliminate Drones with a single strike and bring Boomers to their knees with its three-hit combination. This powerful slap chop, in contrast to the other heavy weapons, does not prevent you from moving while you are using it.


In conclusion, Gears of War 3: Weapons Walkthrough is an indispensable resource for everyone who is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the various methods and weapons that are included in the game. This book is guaranteed to assist players in becoming more successful in their game as it provides them with in-depth explanations, graphics, and helpful hints for each weapon. Players of Gears of War 3 have the potential to become unbeatable if they acquire the necessary skills and put in the required amount of practice.

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