Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Klee Skin for Update 3.8

Details about a Klee new skin that may be coming in Update 3.8 have leaked via Genshin Impact. HoYoverse has not introduced many new character skins since its 2020 debut. Despite the fact that the game’s playable cast is the main attraction. In version 3.4, during the time of the Lantern Rite event, you may choose between two freshly released outfits.

Despite the fact that the skins do not confer any gameplay advantages on the playable units in Genshin Impact, many outfits come with modified motion effects. In addition, skins can have varying degrees of rarity, with Diluc’s Red Dead of Night costume being the only five-star getup currently available in the game.

Klee is getting a whole new look in the form of skin in the Genshin Impact 3.8 Update. And it has been reported that the information was leaked by one of the most reliable Genshin Impact leakers. The article indicates that the new Klee skin will have a rarity of five stars. Which indicates that it will be capable of being fitted with a variety of various effects. The new witch hat that Klee is wearing is most likely going to be the element of his new getup that draws the most attention. And it may have something to do with a forthcoming event. This was due to the fact that she was ranked as an S-tier Damage Dealing Character. Klee has been phased out of the meta with the introduction of characters that are both newer and more sophisticated.

Klee’s popularity may rise as a result of the new suit. As it did for Diluc after HoYoverse debuted his Red Dead of Night look. Klee’s previous appearance on the Limited Character Banner was about a year ago. Therefore she will likely return to the banner in version 3.8. Several commenters have hypothesized that Klee’s new appearance is a nod to her famously talented magician mother, Alice.

Alice is renowned as the author of the Teyvat Travel Guide. Which is a component of the game that each and every player is expected to utilize. And she has been cited by several characters from the Genshin Impact series. Fans speculate that she utilizes the Pyro element, exactly like her daughter. Despite the fact that HoYoverse did not reveal any information regarding her element.

There is a possibility that Alice may finally make an appearance in the future Mondstadt expansion. Which is expected to come in the following few months. This would be a long-awaited moment for fans of the character. Because HoYoverse typically adds two skins at a time, fans do not anticipate that Klee will be the only character to receive a skin in the Genshin Impact update 3.8. This is because HoYoverse normally adds two skins at a time.


In conclusion, a new Klee Skin will be available in the 3.8 Update for Genshin Impact. This skin is the most recent addition to a spate of significant updates to the game over the previous several months. Players now have a new and better version of Genshin Impact to look forward to with the Klee 3.8 update.

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