Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Lyney Standard Banner Appearance

There have been rumors that a new five-star character named Lyney will make her debut in the forthcoming Fontaine area. A Genshin Impact leak has revealed further information on the Lyney character’s upcoming release. One of the few characters whose looks were shown in one of the game’s earliest tale teasers all the way back in the year 2020, Lyney was one of them.

Fans of Genshin Impact may anticipate a large number of new characters joining the playable roster shortly after the debut of a new major region in the game. Which is just around the corner. According to the typical update timetable for HoYoverse. Travelers should anticipate Fontaine’s arrival in the second part of the month of August.

A recent leak from Genshin Impact addressed the speculation that had been circulating over Lyney’s possible inclusion in the Standard Character Banner. Which is one of the less popular banners. This banner, in contrast to the one that was only available for a brief time, will be up permanently. And will showcase seven unique characters that can be acquired by spending Acquaint Fates. The Dendro character Tignari was presented in the initial Sumeru update. After the conclusion of version 3.0, Tignari became a member of the Standard Banner. Many players, as a result of this, have come to the conclusion that the first update to Fontaine will also include. A new character will be placed on the Standard Banner. On the other hand. According to a recent post on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit, Lyney will only be featured on the Limited Character Banner.

There have been previous reports that have suggested that Lyney will be a Pyro bow character with damage levels comparable to those of Tignhnari and Ganyu. His general playstyle will be significantly altered as a result of the final constellation level he completes. His sister Lynette will be a playable character in the game and will be an Anemo. She will have the ability to call various Anemo spirits that will remain on the field for ten seconds even if she is removed from it.

The initial Fontaine update will likely bring both of these individuals to players’ attention at some point. Charlotte is yet another playable character who has been given her first proper introduction at the recent 3.7 live stream event. Recent leaks from Genshin Impact have provided fans with a sense of what they may anticipate from this character. Despite the fact that HoYoverse did not provide a great deal more information about them.

If Travelers want to add the long-awaited Hydro Archon Focalors to their lineup. It is likely that they will have to wait at least until version 4.1 to do so. A new major area will often be added to HoYoverse after one or two updates. At this point, new Archons will be introduced and featured on the Limited Character Banner. According to a number of speculations, Focalors’ kit will give her the ability to manipulate gravity. Which would make it possible for some unusual interactions to take place inside certain types of team compositions.


In conclusion, the highly anticipated Genshin Impact Standard Banner has been discovered to have been compromised. And it would appear that Lyney will be the main figure on the banner. Lyney is sure to provide an intriguing new dimension to the Genshin Impact thanks to her one-of-a-kind look. As well as her skill set. Players are anxiously awaiting the release of the banner so that they may start playing with Lyney as soon as it is made available to them.

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