Genshin Impact Reveals 3.6 Phase 3 Spiral Abyss Character Usage Rate

A Genshin Impact chart displays the character usage rate during phase 3 of the current Spiral Abyss. This chart pertains to the Spiral Abyss. Players must defend themselves against oncoming waves of foes while advancing through a total of 12 distinct floors, each one more challenging than the one before it. Because of this, players are typically expected to utilize their most powerful characters in order to complete the instance within the allotted amount of time.

Genshin Impact players that accomplish this task are eligible for a variety of prizes, ranging from essential Primogems to ascension materials. Each floor is comprised of many rooms, each of which has a unique variety of foes, and players are required to modify their party compositions in order to take advantage of the enemy’s vulnerabilities.

A user by the name of qri_pretty on Reddit has created a chart that illustrates which characters have been utilized the most in the most recent iteration of the Spiral Abyss on Floor 12. Which is the most challenging level in this realm. The Dendro Archon Nahida first appeared in version 3.3. And now has a score of 89.3%, taking first place on this list. Because of her status as an Archon, Nahida is able to accommodate virtually any team composition in the game. Which makes her an essential member of any group that requires a powerful Dendro applicator. Nahida’s utility has increased significantly following the recent inclusion of the Dendro healer Baizhu. This is due to the fact that she can now be paired with another character that possesses the same element and offers much-needed sustain for certain team configurations, like the Bloom party.

Due to the fact that she was only recently highlighted on a Limited Character Banner. Players who are interested in adding the Sumeru Archon to their roster will need to be patient for the next few months. Yelan, who uses a Hydro bow, comes in at number two. She is regarded by many players to be the finest off-field Hydro character in the game because of the simplicity of her kit. Which enables her to inflict a significant amount of damage even if she is removed from the field.

The previously mentioned Dendro user Baizhu is currently in third place. This should not come as a surprise given that a very small number of Genshin Impact players have tugged on his banner. The fact that the previous upgrades featured. A large number of characters with great abilities is probably the primary cause behind this. The fourth character on the list is another Hydro character named Nilou. Has a lot in common with Baizhu, and the two work together quite well.

Her whole toolkit is built on causing an elemental reaction known as Bloom. And she even has the ability to transform Dendro Cores into Bountiful Cores. Which are more damaging and have a broader area of effect. It should come as no surprise that Bennett. Who is widely regarded as the game’s greatest Pyro support? Has the highest overall ranking for a character with four stars. e.


The character usage rate for the 3.6 phase of Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss has been disclosed. This provides players with an indication of how popular each character is within the Abyss by providing them with information on how frequently they use each character. Razor, Venti, and Zhongli are the characters that have been utilized the most throughout the story. Whilst Fischl, Diluc, and Barbara are the characters who have been utilized the least. Players that are interested in gaining an advantage in the Spiral Abyss or are searching for inspiration. On which characters would make the best additions to their teams may find this material helpful.

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