Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower Zelda: TOTK Walkthrough

Skyview Towers play a significant role in the “Legend of Zelda” series, serving as crucial landmarks and points of interest within the game world. Various installments prominently feature these towering structures, including “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.” Skyview Towers provide players with unique challenges, rewards, and opportunities for exploration.

Each tower offers a distinct experience, often requiring players to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, or undertake trials to reach their summit. Activating these towers unlocks valuable maps, reveals hidden locations, and expands the player’s understanding of the game world. Skyview Towers serve as beacons of adventure, guiding players on their epic quests and providing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

What is The Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

In “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower is among the 15 Skyview Towers that hold great importance. Situated in the Gerudo Highlands, this tower unveils a significant portion of the region, encompassing both the sky and the surface, within the southwest area of the expansive Hyrule map.

As players ascend the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower, they experience a breathtaking panoramic view of the Gerudo Highlands. The tower provides a vantage point that showcases the sprawling landscapes, towering cliffs, and vast deserts that define the Gerudo Highlands’ unique terrain.

Unlocking this portion of the Gerudo Highlands on both the sky and surface maps proves invaluable for players. It grants them a comprehensive understanding of the region, highlighting key landmarks, hidden caves, or quest locations. Armed with this knowledge, players can navigate the Gerudo Highlands with greater precision, uncovering secrets and embarking on new adventures with confidence.

Furthermore, the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower serves as a crucial reference point within the game world. Its presence aids players in orienting themselves and planning their journeys across the vast Hyrule landscape. The tower’s location in the southwest portion of the map provides a distinct landmark that players can utilize as a navigational guide.

Location of The Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

Depending on your approach, it may be necessary to have warm clothing, hot food, or special potions before you try to reach this tower. The Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower poses extreme difficulty in terms of access because it remains completely concealed from view throughout Hyrule, except from the Gerudo Desert.Therefore, it is wise to activate the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower first before attempting to reach the Gerudo Highlands Tower. The tower is situated on a plateau directly south of Rito Village and slightly to the east.

You can cover a significant portion of the distance to the Gerudo Highlands tower by paragliding from the Gerudo Canyon Tower. It is advisable to approach it from the eastern direction.

Tower Map Coordinates: -3972, -1250, 0429.

Walkthrough of The Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower in Zelda: TOTK

In a challenging puzzle at the Gerudo Highlands tower, the entrance is covered by a snow drift on the surface. To gain access, you’ll need to find a specific location to use Ascend beneath the tower.

A note found in a nearby camp hints at the presence of a cave, but it doesn’t provide the exact location. The cave is on the same level as the tower, just north along the cliff face. Inside the cave, you’ll come across several breakable walls that can be destroyed using a stone attached to a weapon.

Once you descend through the cave, you’ll reach a submerged river and discover some supplies. Use the Ultrahand to place a large board in the water and hop on it. This makeshift raft will carry you over a waterfall to another chamber with scaffolding emerging from a pool. Utilize your paraglider to leap off the scaffolding and land on the nearby beach.

Location of Treasure Chest in The Skyview Tower

It’s worth noting that a treasure chest can be found. Through a small tunnel if you explore along the wall of this lower cavern beach.

Observe your minimap in the corner of the screen to identify the exact position of the scaffolding beneath the tower. To reach it, you’ll need to combine the board you arrived on. With a second board located on the beach, creating a raft. Use this raft to navigate to the correct Ascend spot.

Once you’ve aligned a spot directly above the tower icon where you can stand over the water, you can initiate the Ascend ability to ascend into the tower.

Approach the pedestal inside the tower to activate it. You can now step on the pad to unlock the area map.

Furthermore, this process establishes a warp point back to the tower. Allowing you to launch into the sky whenever you desire!

To Wrap it all Up

The Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower is an important landmark in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.” Located in the Gerudo Highlands, it offers a panoramic view of the region’s landscapes. Unlocking this tower provides valuable knowledge of the area, including landmarks and hidden caves. It serves as a reference point for navigation and planning.

To access the tower, players may need warm gear and should activate the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower first. Paragliding from the Gerudo Canyon Tower towards the east is advisable. Within the tower, a puzzle awaits, involving finding a cave. Breaking walls, using a makeshift raft, and aligning with the tower icon to ascend. Activating the tower unlocks the area map and creates a warp point for future use.

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