How Long is GTA 5 Story Mode

GTA 5 Story Mode is a popular and large game in the GTA series. The map shows Los Angeles and it includes lots of fun places to visit. In the game, there are over 70 tasks to complete in the city called Los Santos. It generally takes about 20 to 30 hours to finish the main storyline.

To fully enjoy everything in GTA 5, you may have to play the game for about 80 hours. And that’s only for the part of the game that you can play by yourself. If you want to play GTA Online, the game’s multiplayer mode, there are many extra missions and never-ending content to make sure you stay interested for a long time.

Since GTA 6 is coming out in the future, it is a good idea to start playing GTA 5 now. This guide will give you all the information you need to begin.

GTA 5 Story Mode Gameplay Missions

While it does not have the most story missions in a GTA game, it does have an extremely impressive 79, which is the second-highest number in the series.

GTA San Andreas has 100 missions if you want to enjoy the game with the most missions. It is also set in Los Santos, so the surroundings will be very familiar, as many locations feature in both.

GTA 5 Story Mode

GTA 5 Story Mode Length

GTA 5, like most Rockstar titles’ open-world titles, is extremely long. If you concentrate on completing the 69 main story missions, you can anticipate it to take between 20 and 30 hours to complete.

GTA 5 Story Mode

Completing the many side missions in GTA 5 will take much longer, with the main story and side missions likely taking 30-50 hours to complete. However, if you want to complete the game completely, you should anticipate it to take between 50 and 80 hours. Even so, you don’t have to finish everything to get to 100% in the game.

GTA 5 Story Mode Constant or Variable?

When completing missions in video games, you are frequently presented with two choices. The first is a more linear gameplay style in which you accomplish mission one, then mission two, and so on.

The second approach is more open, as seen in the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, in which you encounter various characters who offer you missions to complete. You can, however, tackle these in any order you like.

GTA combines the two, but takes a more open strategy. For the majority of the game, you can freely switch between Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, allowing you to accomplish missions at your leisure. However, in GTA 5, there are some instances where all previous missions must be finished in order for the story to advance.

There are numerous side missions, such as Strangers and Freaks, that can be completed at any moment. This means you’ll always have something to do in the game if you want to deviate from the norm.

GTA 5 Online

If you want to get more out of GTA 5, you should go to GTA Online after you finish GTA 5. You can construct your own character in GTA Online and take part in a variety of missions and activities while building your empire alongside hundreds of thousands of other players.

GTA 5 Story Mode

GTA Online has received numerous updates since its initial release in 2013. Significantly expanding the game with new areas, buildings, music, and, most importantly, missions.

At the time of writing, there are 155 new missions to play. More expected to follow before the release of GTA 6. Many characters, including Trevor, Franklin, Lamar, and Lester. They reappear in GTA Online to pick up where you left off after the conclusion of GTA 5.

GTA 5 Story Mode Game Setting Location

The first game allowed players to visit San Andreas, a city in Los Santos. Still, as a top-down 2D game, it bears no similarity to the Los Santos we know today. 

GTA 5 Story Mode

The only other game set in the area is GTA: San Andreas, which was first published in 2004. 

To Wrap it all Up

GTA 5 has over 70 tasks to complete in Los Santos, which will take about 20-30 hours to finish the main story. It might take around 80 hours to finish all of it. GTA Online has many different missions to complete and lots of other things to do.

The game has 79 main missions in the story, which is only less than GTA San Andreas that has 100 main missions. The main story and side missions will take about 30-50 hours to complete, while if you do everything in the game, it will take around 50-80 hours.

GTA 5 has two types of gameplay: a straightforward storyline (linear) and a more flexible and exploratory experience (open). Players can change their characters whenever they want and do missions freely, but some missions need to be completed before others can be done. You can do side missions whenever you want.

After finishing the game, players can check out GTA Online and explore it. They have the ability to create personalities and kingdoms, with 155 additional tasks to complete. Los Santos is a fun and exciting place in GTA 5, looking better than it did in GTA San Andreas.

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