How To Connect A Xbox Controller To A Chromebook

Do you need instructions on how to connect the controller for your Xbox to your Chromebook? Everything that you need to know is included here.

When it was initially released, the Xbox controller appeared to be made primarily for those with extremely large hands. Since then, however, the controller has significantly developed and improved significantly. The design has been tweaked, enhanced, and improved with each new iteration, resulting in it being smaller, more ergonomic, and with a greater emphasis on touch. It is a controller that will feel instantly comfortable to millions of people all across the world.

Therefore, it stands to reason that if you are playing games on your Chromebook, it could be wonderful if you could experience some of the benefits of utilizing one of the most popular joypads that are available on the market today. Keeping this in mind, it begs the question: is it possible to attach an Xbox controller to a Chromebook? If that’s the case, how exactly do you go about doing that, and are there any restrictions?

Compatibility Issue

To begin, let’s talk about how well things get along. If you have Chrome version 77 or a later version installed, then the Xbox One controller will work with Stadia on your own computer. Nvidia has also verified that Chromebooks are capable of supporting certain Xbox gamepads when using the GeForce Now software. At the time that this article was written, the Xbox 360, the Xbox One wired, and the Xbox One S Bluetooth were all included on this list. And lastly, you can also use your Xbox controller to play games through Steam if you attach it to your account there.

You now have all of this information and can select the gaming platform that best suits your needs. You have your Xbox controller. At this point, all that is left to do is match them up. Therefore, what should we do?

How To Connect Xbox Controller To Chromebook

The one piece of good news amidst all of this is that it won’t be difficult for you to connect the Xbox controller to your Chromebook. The method that is the least complicated and takes the least amount of time is to use a USB cord to connect your gamepad straight to the Chromebook. In the event that your Chromebook is unable to recognize your controller, either switch it back on by pressing the Xbox button located on the controller itself or disconnect it and then plug it back into your laptop.

Use Bluetooth

The following steps need to be taken in order for you to make use of it through Bluetooth:

  • Find out if your Chromebook has Bluetooth built-in or if you need to buy a separate Bluetooth dongle.
  • The next step is to open the Bluetooth menu in your Chromebook’s Settings app.
  • The Chromebook will then start searching for nearby devices to connect to.
  • Hold the Pair button for three seconds on your Xbox controller to begin the pairing process. A light will appear on the Xbox button.
  • The controller will be accessible via the Bluetooth settings after the devices are paired. To finish the link, choose it and click the button labeled “Done.”

Use a USB cable

  • If it is a wired controller, you will need to connect it to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Your Chromebook ought to be able to recognize it without any difficulty.


In conclusion, connecting an Xbox controller to a Chromebook is a simple procedure that can be finished in a few of steps. First, the user must install a driver, then they must install an application, and last, they must connect the controller by either using a USB cable or a wireless adapter. Users may now make use of the Chromebook’s gaming capabilities after they have attached the controller.

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