How to do damage with the Lock On Pistol in Fortnite

Fortnite introduces brand new weekly challenges every week. Weekly updates often add new content to the game, such as equipment and balance adjustments. This week brought fresh problems when a new item came. Some of the tests are designed to encourage gamers to try out the new gear. The teaser for this season hinted at a new weapon called the Lock On Pistol.

Fortnite NEW Lock on Pistol

The Lock On Pistol is available in Fortnite currently and players have been tasked with causing 200 damage to opponents with it. The weapon has a unique gimmick that will make it attractive, thus it’s crucial to know how to obtain one for various reasons.

Step 1: Load into the game

Start the game up on the device of your choice. Make sure you’re playing the most current version of the game; a weekly update was just issued. When you’re ready, launch the program and sign in when it prompts you to do so.

This isn’t a Creativity challenge, so feel free to experiment with the various Battle Royale and Zero Build options. Playable in solitary, pair, trio, and group configurations. Although dealing damage to a fallen player is simple, it is best to avoid playing in Solo.


Step 2: Drop down to a Fortnite zone that’s loaded with loot chests

The new Lock On Pistol may be unearthed in Fortnite by searching the ground, opening supply drops, or opening chests. As a result, you should begin your quest for it by looking through the chests first. This may be accomplished anywhere, although the likelihood of finding a chest increases in locations with a greater density of chests. If you want the most chests, you should try to land someplace like Anvil Square, Breakwater Bay, Mega City, or one of the other designated spots.

Step 3: Lock on to an opponent

This pistol, as its name suggests, has a cool feature in which it locks onto enemies. This is a very handy feature to have. If you aim for a sufficient amount of time, as illustrated in the figure on the right, all four of the center crosshairs will become pink. As soon as this occurs, it will lock onto the adversaries, and the subsequent shot will be successful.

Step 4: Deal 200 damage

The headshots from this weapon provide around 25 damage to the target, while body shots only deal 20. This will grow depending on the rarity of the target, but regardless. players will need to land a few shots in order to successfully complete the challenge. Players are required to do 200 damage, which means you need to reach that threshold before you pass out and lose your weapon.


In conclusion, if you want to inflict some significant damage in Fortnite, you should consider adding the Lock On Pistol to your collection of weapons since it is a strong tool. Because of its rapid firing rate and high level of precision. It may be utilized to eliminate opponents in a manner that is both speedy and effective. In combat, it may also be used to swiftly bring down walls and other fortifications in order to gain an edge. But keep in mind that for optimum impact, you should take your time and aim properly.

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