How to Get Stars in Among Us

How to earn stars in Among Us; The latest update for Among Us included many new additions to the popular game that can help you earn stars. One of the updates includes adding virtual money in the game that players can use to buy cosmetic items and special cubes. This is the game’s version of the Battle Pass.

In Among Us, there are two types of money. The first and most well-liked among these is Beans, which was probably named after the crewmates’ resemblance to beans. Stars, which are like a type of currency, are earned in a completely different way than Beans.

It’s important to mention that you don’t need Beans or Stars to play and be successful in Among Us. Both are only interested in buying unnecessary cosmetic items that are not needed for playing the game.

What are Stars in Among Us used for?

In the popular online multiplayer game Among Us, stars are used as a form of currency to purchase cosmetic items for your character, such as hats, skins, and pets. These items do not affect gameplay or give any advantages to players. But they can add a fun and personalized touch to your avatar.

How to Get Stars in Among Us?

While Beans may be gained by participating in public or private Among Us games, Stars cannot. Instead, they are a premium currency that users must buy in order to support the developers.

The Purchase tab in the in-game shop allows you to purchase stars.

Stars in Among Us Purchase Packs

In Among Us, players can purchase stars to use as currency in order to buy cosmetic items for their in-game characters. There are several different packages available for purchase, each offering a different number of stars at varying prices. The smallest package offers 20 stars for $1.99, while the largest package offers 300 stars for $24.99. Players can choose which package to purchase based on their budget and how many stars they want to have available to spend. The pricing structure is designed to offer a better value for larger packages. Encouraging players to spend more money to get a better deal. However, it is important to note that stars and cosmetic items do not affect gameplay in any way. So players can enjoy the game regardless of whether or not they choose to spend money on these items.

Cosmetic Bundles

There are a variety of cosmetic bundles and Cosmicubes that can only be purchased using Stars rather than Beans from the in-game store. These are the packs

Among Us also offers various bundles and Cosmicubes that players can purchase using stars. The bundles include a group of themed cosmetic items that can be purchased all at once for a lower price than buying each item individually. The Airship Bundle, Mira Bundle, and Polus Bundle each offer 20 stars worth of cosmetic items related to their respective maps. The Pet Bundles, such as the Brainslug Pet Bundle and Crewmate Pet Bundle, offer a collection of pet options for players to choose from, each with their own unique design. These bundles cost 30 stars each, and are a popular option for players who want to quickly add a variety of cosmetic items to their collection.


Cosmicubes are another way for players to purchase bundles of cosmetic items. These are larger bundles that offer a greater variety of items for a higher star price. For example, the Airship Cosmicube costs 90 stars and includes a selection of items related to the Airship map. While the Arcane Cosmicube costs 80 stars and offers a magical theme for your character’s appearance. 

How to Get Stars in Among Us

The Trick Cosmicube costs 70 stars and is themed around Halloween, making it a popular choice around the holiday season. Overall, these bundles and Cosmicubes are a great way for players to add more variety to their character’s appearance and customize their gameplay experience.

Purchasable Bundles

Some of the bundles were previously included in Among Us’ DLC packs. Players who have previously purchased these DLC packs will be able to maintain their content without having to pay for them. Bundles will also be deemed purchased on players’ accounts. These DLC packs are no longer available for purchase through the Steam shop. So gamers must buy them if they don’t already possess them and still want them.

More cosmetic bundles and Comicubes needing Star purchases are anticipated to arrive later in the life of Among Us. This means that people will be more motivated to support the team behind Among Us, which will likely produce even more significant gameplay improvements like this one. Star purchases are still fully optional, allowing players to enjoy the game without spending any more money.

To Wrap it all Up

Among Us is a game that lots of people play together. They have introduced a new type of money called Stars that you can use to buy clothes and accessories for your character like hats, clothes, and pets. Players can buy them in the game store in different packages, starting from 20 for $1. 99 and going up to 300 for $24. 99You can only use them to purchase special bundles of cosmetics and Cosmicubes. Which provide more options to choose from, but at a higher cost. Players have the option to select a package based on how much money they have and how many they want to use. But remember, Stars and cosmetic items don’t affect how the game is played. They are not required at all.

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