How to Play Dead Space In Japan

After its first release in 2008, Dead Space quickly gained a reputation as a shining example of the survival horror subgenre.

Even 15 years after its debut, the original USG Ishimura can deliver an experience that is just as thrilling and terrifying. However, certain aspects of the game have not held up as well as others.

Enter the new and improved remake that has been developed by EA Motive. This remake makes an attempt to capture all of the characteristics that contributed to the original game’s status as such a groundbreaking release, while at the same time incorporating some modern touches to bring it up to speed with what players anticipate in the year 2023. And it has been successful in the majority of cases.

For those who were not able to experience Dead Space the first time around, the game places players in the cumbersome space boots of Isaac Clark, an engineer whose crew reacts to a distress call aboard the USG Ishimura mining ship, where Isaac’s partner Nicole happens to be employed.

As soon as Isaac steps foot on the Ishimura, he receives the horrifying realization that something on board the ship has caused the crew members to mutate into horrific creatures. Hence, the objective is to figure out what’s going on, find Nicole again, and make it out of there in one piece.

Dead Space VPN Setup Guide

  • Grab yourself a VPN app for your Android-powered smartphone. Play Dead Space in Japan while maintaining your online privacy is possible with the use of a Japan-based premium VPN service, such as VPN.
  • After the software installation is complete, connect your network to the server that is most convenient for your location. Run the installer while connected to a virtual private network.
  • After completing the preceding procedures, you will be given the choice to install Dead Space when you launch the setup.
  • If you’re still experiencing trouble after following these instructions, you may wish to start from scratch.

Selecting the Best Virtual Private Network(VPN) for Dead Space

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Fast & Secure VPN For Gaming (VPN)

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Best VPN for Online Anonymity and Safety

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What countries banned Dead Space?

Dead Space’s community manager Andrew Green also informed us that the game has been fully banned in Germany, Japan, and China.

Who owns Dead Space now?

Dead Space was created by Motive Studio and released by Electronic Arts in 2023 as a survival horror video game.


This article offered a detailed walkthrough for anyone interested in playing Dead Space in Japan. It detailed the procedures that needed to be carried out in order to get the game, it described the means by which the game could be downloaded, and it offered advice on how to comprehend the Japanese language. With the help of this tutorial, you should now be able to play Dead Space in Japan and have a completely different experience with the game than you had before.

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