How To Rank Up From Diamond in Valorant | Complete Guide

Being in Diamond is a sign of exceptional skill, but we’re confident that a large portion of you desires more from your ranked climb. And for these players, we’ve prepared this article: here are 5 non-obvious strategies to help you climb out of Diamond and into Ascendant. By following a few simple guidelines, you can easily rank up to the Diamond grade in Valorant.

Valorant`s Ranking System

Valorant’s rank system is split into tiers, from Iron to Radiant, for players to advance through. Riot Games’ tactical shooter’s competitive environment challenges them to achieve higher ranks such as Diamond or higher.

Winning a match in Valorant’s competitive mode, on the other hand, is not simple.

To advance in Valorant, players must win ranked battles; simply grinding will not suffice. They will need a lot of practise and improved skills, as well as perfect team coordination, to move up the ranks quicker.

Players’ skills will improve, allowing them to achieve higher ranks such as Diamond faster.

1. Communication

Teamwork is an important element of Valorant, but in order to do it well, communication is required. Gamers must work well together to synergize and take appropriate actions. Furthermore, they can share details about their opponents.

Winning a match in Valorant by yourself is difficult, so having a strong team composition is important. Every agent in a squad is responsible for leading the team. As a result, communication among teammates can make it simple to win a ranked battle.

2. Be Calm and Collected

To begin, we want to warn you that leaving Diamond will most likely be a difficult task. The so-called Rito will no longer be as generous with Rank Rating gains as before, and will even be willing to take as much as possible from you at any given time. 

So, even if weeks pass and you continue to make insignificant progress, be aware that this is common at this level. And if the grind becomes too much, don’t be afraid to take a vacation.

3. Learning Agents

It is prudent to select a representative with whom the players are at ease. Depending on the team makeup, they can choose an agent with whom they have previously played or who is skilled.

If players are unaware of the agent’s abilities, selecting a new agent in a competitive battle can be disastrous. As a result, it is preferable not to take a chance and instead practise with the agent before unranked matches, such as in Unrated or Spike Rush.

4. Avoid Distractions

We know a lot of players who peruse social media or the Internet in general while grinding; in other words, they get distracted at their own request. If you want to climb the ranks, there is no cause to open anything other than Valorant and Voice Communicator. Try to pay complete attention to what is going on in the game and analyse every move. Even if you perish, be there for your friends.

5. Keep a consistent Duo Partner

Finally, make sure you surround yourself with individuals who genuinely care about winning games. We frequently see cases where we have an entertaining duo partner with whom we enjoy spending time. Still, he’s more concerned with lashing out at the parents of a random teammate than devising effective strategies to win the game, and that’s not what we’re looking for. Sometimes your duo partner is the reason you are stuck in your rank, and there may be times when it is better to play alone.

6. Improve your Aim

In addition to teaching players about the agents, Valorant emphasises gunplay. So, having accurate aim can result in more kills in a game.

Users require a lot of instruction and practise to develop a sharp aim. To hone their aim, they can practise in the range or take part in more unranked matches.

7. Gamesense

In Valorant, quick decision-making is crucial, particularly when the player needs to clutch. They frequently become perplexed in such crucial circumstances, which not only wastes time but also lowers the likelihood of winning a game.

To defeat enemies, gamers must act quickly when deciding what to do next. The team can easily win a game by playing smart.

8. Using Passive Aggression

While playing aggressively can frequently fail, playing aggressively with tact can be harsh on adversaries. The best methods to play aggressively in Valorant include strategies like giggle peeks, information gathering, jump spotting, and others.

Users frequently play aggressively when attacking, but playing aggressively when protecting can benefit the team. By doing this, enemies are forced to rotate to the opposite side.

The other partners have the chance to catch the adversaries from behind while this is happening.

How good is Diamond rank in Valorant?

If you succeed in getting to Diamond, you will be far superior to 95% of all players. What does that actually mean? In a room with 95 competitors who were all Valorous, you would statistically defeat 95 of them. And that is undoubtedly an excellent outcome. Diamond has some players with exceptionally high skill levels. But has it reached VCT yet? We’d say that some people in this rank tier could easily find a team and work to get better so they could later compete in official tournaments. Additionally, when you reach the Diamond tier (especially Diamond 3), you can start running into some professional players in your ranked battles.

Wrapping it all Up

To rank up from Diamond in Valorant, players must follow some non-obvious strategies, including communication, being calm, learning agents, avoiding distractions, keeping a consistent duo partner, improving aim, gamesense, and using passive aggression. Winning a match in Valorant’s competitive mode is not easy, and simply grinding will not suffice. Players must have strong teamwork, communication, and coordination to achieve higher ranks such as Diamond. Moreover, selecting a representative with whom the players are at ease and practicing with them before playing competitive battles is crucial. Players should pay complete attention to the game, avoid distractions, and surround themselves with individuals who genuinely care about winning games. Additionally, improving aim and quick decision-making is crucial for players. Using passive aggression while playing aggressively can be harsh on adversaries, and playing aggressively while protecting can benefit the team. Finally, achieving Diamond rank means the player is far superior to 95% of all players, and they may even encounter professional players in their ranked battles.

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