How To Unlock Best Skills In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor includes a variety of abilities that may be unlocked as you progress through the storyline of the game. Some of these are probably not required, while others will likely be useful for the majority of your trip. The following is our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide, which will assist you in obtaining the greatest possible skills for the game.

The Best Skills To Get In Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

When it comes to the most effective abilities in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, we are going to make the assumption that you are playing on a difficulty level higher than the basic Jedi Knight setting. Because of the difficulty, several of these talents are absolutely necessary, although practically everything is rendered pointless if the game is played too easily.

You won’t have to worry about reaching a level cap or losing all of your points because the game does not have a level cap. This is an important aspect to remember. You may easily obtain the required amount of experience points by continuing to vanquish foes, inspecting things, and advancing through puzzle regions or sidequests. In a similar vein, do not forget that you have the ability to reset or respec your points in order to redistribute them whenever you are dealing with Meditation Circles. In any event, we have segmented these abilities according to the categories in which they fall.

Best Survival Skills

The sole skill tree available for Survival is the Resilience tree. The choices that are presented here are mostly focused on healing, in addition to blocking and parrying:

Survival Skills (including Improved and Expert)

This chain has the effect of increasing Cal’s maximum health, which is useful in any situation. You might also benefit from using Health Essences to increase your stats. You may get further information on them in our guide to the Essence prizes.

Improved/Perfected Stim Formula

You can’t go wrong with passives that increase the amount of healing provided by each Stimpack that you use, especially considering the fact that you can only carry a handful of them at any given time. You may find further information in our guide to the locations of Stimpack.


It is possible that the healing animation will be the deciding factor in whether or not you will remain alive after being injured or whether or not you will be able to replenish your health. As a result, increasing the pace is helpful.

Best Force Skills

There are three different branches of the Force, and each one focuses on a different power or use of the Force. The practice of Jedi Concentration is all about regenerating the Force and slowing down time. Telekinesis, on the other hand, is required for the Force Pull, the Force Push, and the Lift & Slam moves. Lastly, Confusion is, as the name denotes, the Confusion ability.

Jedi Concentration: Attunement (including Lucid and Enlightened)

It is usually to your advantage to have more Force, particularly in the early to middle game, so that you can make better use of your abilities.

Jedi Concentration: Channeled Energy

This aids in the renewal of the Force as well.

Jedi Concentration: Greater/Extended/Superior Hold

You will have the opportunity to gain Greater Hold quite early on in the game. Concerning the two enhancements, you may want to think about purchasing them much later on when you have the points to spare.

Telekinesis: Wrenching Pull

Because it is a requirement, the majority of players will get Wrenching Pull.

Telekinesis: Radial/Howling Push

These provide a significant increase to your Force Push, enabling you to force enemies over of ledges and cliffs with greater ease.

Confusion: All except Amplification and Redirected Strength

on Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, some of the most useful abilities may be found on the Confusion tree. This is because you have to deal with a large number of humanoid foes (Stormtroopers and Bedlam Raiders) in addition to tamable creatures. Amplification’s damage boost to controlled targets isn’t essential (you’ll need them to cause diversions, not to DPS), thus you should definitely skip it. Meanwhile, the capacity to redirect strength seems unnecessary and gimmicky.

Best Lightsaber Skills

There are five different Lightsaber skill trees, each one reflecting a different stance that may be used. However, when discussing the Lightsabers themselves in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, it is difficult to provide recommendations for the best abilities to use because they tend to reduce to a matter of personal choice. Having said that, we do have a few recommendations.

Double-Bladed: Endless Hurricane

Something that contributes additional attacks to a chain is important, especially when considering the effectiveness of the Double-Bladed posture against large groups of adversaries.

Dual-Wield: Backstep Slash

The Backstep Slash ability is one of the more fundamental ones, yet it works really well with this specific posture. It provides two moves in one: an aggressive one, in the form of a swift slash, and a defensive one, in the form of a jump away from your opponent.

Blaster: Quick Draw

The ability to locate and shoot at numerous targets simultaneously is quite reminiscent of Cassidy’s High Noon from Overwatch. The one and only drawback is that it is an integral component of the Blaster posture, which at times has the tendency to feel awkward.


In conclusion, gaining access to the game’s best skills is no simple task in Star Wars: Jedi: Survival. However, with the appropriate approach and preparation, anybody may achieve Jedi mastery. Players may achieve dominance by learning the layout of skill points, channeling the Force and zeroing in on specific foes. Anyone may reach the pinnacle of success in Star Wars Jedi: Survival with enough time and effort invested.

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