How To Add Friends In Honkai Star Rail

HoYoverse’s games have always included many forms of social interaction, and Honkai Star Rail is not an exception to this rule. Even though there is no open-world co-op in this game like there was in Genshin Impact, players can still take advantage of a few perks that come with having a large group of friends ready to help them out whenever they need it.

The Support system in Honkai Star Rail is a game mechanism that enables players to utilize the characters of other players in the game. If you have friends in the game, sorting through the Support system is much simpler and more consistent. Players will always be able to utilize the characters of their allies in the event that they need someone to patch up their team compositions. This will eliminate the requirement for players to filter through a list of strangers that was produced at random. It is a blessing that adding pals is a simple process; nevertheless, early on in the game, players will need to clear a certain obstacle before they may do so.

How to Add Friends in Honkai Star Rail

To begin, participants in “Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow: The Voyage Continues” must board the Astral Express in order to go through the main plot quest. This is a segment from the lengthy prologue portion of Honkai Star Rail. Which also includes the waking of the Trailblazer and the attempt by the crew of the Astral Express to push back the attack by the Antimatter Legion on the Herta Space Station.

After players have completed this quest, the game will permit them to begin adding friends. To accomplish this, use the ESC key to bring up the Phone screen for the active character. And then click the Friends button that is located in the first row from the top of the screen. This page will display all of the available friends, including those whose requests are still waiting. And a list of the individuals who players have blacklisted.

To request a friend, select the second option from the menu located at the very top of the screen. A shuffled list of unknown persons will appear here. Along with a text input field for players to type in the UIDs of their friends and other gamers. You may search for friends by entering their UIDs if you ask them for them. And then copy and paste them into the search field. Shortly afterward, their Honkai Star Rail profile will show on the screen displaying the results. Players are able to have complete faith that the search results are correct since UIDs are completely unique to each individual user.

When you have pals, it is much simpler for you and your other players to access each other’s support characters. The owners of these units earn a little number of Credits each time those units are utilized. And they may put those Credits toward anything they choose. Having said that. Choose a Support character for yourself who has the best possible chance of being used by another player. In a wide variety of circumstances. Having healers or uncommon troops who deal quantum damage, like Seele, can be of great assistance.


In conclusion, adding friends in Honkai Star Rail is a fantastic method to get more out of your gameplay experience. This is especially true if you play the multiplayer mode. It is a straightforward operation that does not call for any specialized abilities or in-depth knowledge of technological matters. All that is required of you is to send an invitation to your buddy. Input their ID, and then wait for confirmation. When you have pals playing the game with you, you may participate in cooperative missions, give and receive presents, and even challenge each other to fight.

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