How to Defeat Marbled Gohma Boss in Zelda TOTK

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Zelda: TotK) is an epic adventure set in Hyrule’s wide and fascinating realm. In this game, players assume the character of Link, the mythical hero, as he goes on a treacherous adventure to save the realm from impending doom.

As an ancient prophesy resurfaces, it foretells the rising of an ancient evil that threatens to sink Hyrule into perpetual darkness. The Tears of The Kingdom, a collection of powerful artefacts dispersed around the nation, contain the secret to warding off this malicious force.

Link’s quest leads him through a variety of environments, from pleasant woods to perilous mountains and strange dungeons. Along the way, he meets a colourful array of characters, including wise sages, playful fairies, and courageous friends, each with a distinct role to play in the fight against evil.

As Link progresses on his adventure, he encounters difficult puzzles, battles terrifying creatures, and navigates complicated dungeons riddled with traps and secrets. The game offers a fascinating and engaging gaming experience by flawlessly blending exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving.

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, one such boss is the Marbled Gohma Boss.

Who is Marbled Gohma Boss in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces the Marbled Gohma, a formidable boss that awaits Link in a treacherous chamber deep within a labyrinthine cave system. This towering spider-like creature stands as a menacing figure, encased in a formidable shell of rugged, marbled rocks.

As Link enters the chamber, the Marbled Gohma scuttles with unnatural speed, its multiple legs scraping against the stony ground. Its monstrous size becomes apparent, looming over Link as it emits an eerie chittering sound, its multifaceted eyes gleaming with malice.

Link quickly realizes that direct attacks won’t be effective against the Marbled Gohma. The rocks that surround its body provide a formidable defense, making it impervious to most conventional strikes. To succeed in this battle, Link must employ a combination of skill, strategy, and keen observation.

How to Defeat Marbled Gohma Boss in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

The Marbled Gohma, the final challenge in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, awaits players after successfully completing the Eldin Fire Temple Puzzle. This particular section of the game heavily relies on Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball ability, not only for damaging enemies but also for breaking obstacles in the way.

During the boss fight, players will frequently employ Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball to stun the Marbled Gohma. The strategy involves activating Yunobo’s skill and then targeting the boss’s legs to destroy the protective rocks surrounding it. Repeating this process several times will eventually stun the boss, providing an opportunity for Link to climb on its body and strike its eye with melee weapons.

However, players must exercise caution and avoid becoming overly greedy during the damage-dealing phase. If they push their luck too far, the boss may retaliate and cause significant harm to Link.

Abilities of The Marbled Gohma Boss in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

The Marbled Gohma possesses a few abilities that players need to be aware of. It can perform a Legdrop attack, crashing one of its legs down on the ground, usually where Link is standing. Additionally, it can drop Rock Bombs, large rocks that explode after a few seconds, requiring players to avoid them. Finally, it can unleash an Angry Roar, providing players a few seconds to deal damage while the boss is stunned. If Link remains on the boss’s body when it stands up, he will take damage.

These attacks persist into the second phase of the fight, where the boss introduces new mechanics. The Marbled Gohma will position itself on the ceiling, requiring players to aim Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball toward it. Yunobo will roll along the ceiling to hit the boss’s leg. Furthermore, a Rock Bomb Cage will trap Link with large rocks that explode after a few seconds. To counter this, players need a strong blunt weapon or Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball to quickly break the rocks. Alternatively, players can use Sidon’s Water Bubble, assuming they have defeated the Mucktorok boss, to protect against one explosion. However, this protection dissipates after a single explosion, leaving players vulnerable to subsequent ones. Alternatively, players can continuously move sideways to avoid the rock formation.

Luck plays a role in this fight, as players need Yunobo’s ability to be off cooldown to utilize Rolling Fireball effectively. With some perseverance, players should be able to overcome the challenge and defeat the Marbled Gohma, marking the completion of the Eldin/Goron City quest chain. In addition, Yunobo will grant Link his vow, allowing the use of Rolling Fireball during their future travels.

To Wrap it all Up

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an epic adventure in which players take control of Link on a mission to save Hyrule from the clutches of evil. The Marbled Gohma is a fearsome monster found deep within a cave.

Link must utilise Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball ability to shock the boss by hitting its legs and destroying the protection rocks in order to kill it. To prevent receiving too much damage during the fight, use caution. Legdrop and Rock Bombs are two of the Marbled Gohma’s abilities. It moves to the roof in the second phase, and players must aim Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball at its leg. The Eldin/Goron City quest chain is completed by overcoming the task.

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