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Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. It was first released in 2011 and has since become one of the most successful video games of all time. The game is all about exploration, creativity, and survival. Players can build and explore virtual worlds made up of blocks.

Minecraft has a huge modding community, with thousands of mods available for players to download and install. Mods are modifications to the game’s code that add new features, items, and gameplay mechanics. They can range from simple visual changes to complete overhauls of the game’s mechanics.

There are several types of mods available for Minecraft, including gameplay mods, graphical mods, and utility mods. Gameplay mods can add new monsters, weapons, or even whole new game modes to the game.

What is Barrels, Drums, Storage & More Mod?

“Barrels, Drums, Storage & More” is a popular storage mod for Minecraft created by Funwayguy. The mod adds several new storage options for players, including metal and wooden barrels, crates, and a shipping container. These storage options come with various upgrades, allowing players to customize them to fit their specific needs.

Barrels, Drums, Storage & More

The metal barrels and crates are particularly useful for players who need to store large quantities of items. They can hold up to 4096 items, making them ideal for players who need to store bulk materials. Wooden barrels, on the other hand, are more suitable for food items, such as wheat, carrots, or potatoes. They can hold up to 64 stacks of items and can be placed anywhere in the game world.

The mod also introduces a shipping container that can hold up to 1728 items. The shipping container is particularly useful for players who want to transport large quantities of items across long distances. The container can be placed on a truck or a train and transported to any location in the game world.

The mod also adds several upgrades to the storage options, such as lockable barrels, sorting options, and labeling. These upgrades allow players to organize their items more effectively and make it easier to find specific items when needed.

What does Barrels, Drums, Storage & More Mod include?

The storage mod created by Funwayguy, called “Barrels, Drums, Storage & More,”. It introduces several storage options to Minecraft, including wooden and metal barrels, crates, and a shipping container. The wooden crate can contain up to 64 stacks of one item. You can add items to it by right-clicking while holding them. The front of the crate displays the first item you put into it, and it can only store that type of item.

You can add all the items in your inventory to the crate by right-clicking it with an empty hand. Left-click to remove one stack or shift left-click to remove one item. The wooden crate can be upgraded to hold up to 1024 stacks of items and keeps its contents even when broken. The metal crate is the same as the wooden one but does not burn and can be upgraded to hold up to 32768 stacks of items.

Barrels, Drums, Storage & More

The Wooden Barrel

The wooden barrel, just like the wooden crate, can hold up to 64 stacks of items and also store up to 64 buckets of non-hot liquid. You can add a bucket of liquid to the barrel by right-clicking it, and remove some by right-clicking with an empty bucket. The wooden barrel is upgradeable to hold up to 1024 buckets of non-hot liquid. The metal drum is the same as the wooden barrel, except it does not burn and can store up to 32768 buckets of liquid, including hot liquids like lava.

The Shipping Container

The shipping container is a 2×2 structure that can hold up to 27 wooden crates, metal crates, wooden barrels, or metal drums. By hooking up a storage network to the shipping container, such as AE2 or Simple Storage Networks, you can access all the containers inside and their items. You can also change the color of the metal crate, metal drum, or shipping container by right-clicking with the color tool.

Other Upgrades in Barrels, Drums, Storage & More Mod

Other upgrades include the crate key to lock a container, the capacity upgrade to increase a container’s storage space, the ore dictionary upgrade to allow it to accept all blocks with the same ore dictionary, and the void overflow upgrade to automatically delete any items inserted once the container is full. You can remove all upgrades by using the uninstall upgrades option by right-clicking on the container.

To Wrap it all Up

The Barrels, Drums, Storage & More mod is a storage mod for Minecraft. It introduces various storage options such as metal and wooden barrels, crates, and a shipping container. Also with upgrades such as sorting, labeling, and locking options. The mod is created by Funwayguy. It can hold up to 4096 items for metal barrels and crates, 64 stacks of one item for wooden barrels and crates, and 1728 items for shipping containers. The mod also includes upgrades such as capacity, ore dictionary, and void overflow upgrades. The shipping container can hold up to 27 containers and can be accessed through a storage network.

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