Creative Minecraft Bed Designs for 2023

Within the Minecraft universe, beds play a crucial role by allowing players to establish their spawn points and expedite the transition through nighttime via sleep. Minecraft features a spectrum of bed designs, ranging from uncomplicated to intricate.

The fundamental bed design involves three wooden planks and three wool pieces. Players have the flexibility to choose from sixteen available colors of wool, enabling the customization of bed designs through the combination of different wool colors.

For those seeking more elaborate designs, beds can incorporate various blocks and decorations. Popular options include beds with canopies, headboards, and footboards created from blocks like fences, gates, and trapdoors. Beds can seamlessly integrate into larger constructions such as castles or mansions.

Redstone enthusiasts have the opportunity to craft functional beds with automated opening and closing mechanisms using redstone circuits. Activation can be achieved through pressure plates or buttons, and these beds can be integrated into more intricate systems like secret doors or concealed passageways.

To further diversify bed designs, players can explore the use of mods and texture packs. An array of community-created mods and texture packs introduces new bed types, including bunk beds, hammocks, and even floating beds.

List of The Most Creative Ideas of Minecraft Bed Designs

1. Double Bed + Hidden Storage

Many players like to place two beds together to create the illusion of a larger bed. However, this can be just the beginning of a fun and creative project. By using items like barrels, trapdoors, fences, banners, and chests, players can create a unique and functional bed with hidden storage space.

To start, place two beds next to each other and add four barrels next to the white side of the beds. Then, add a barrel in each of the bottom corners and dig a one-block deep hole where there are no barrels. Fill the holes with chests and cover them with trapdoors.

Minecraft Bed Designs

Next, place two fences on top of each of the four corner barrels and connect them lengthwise. Add another trapdoor on each corner and then hang a banner from each of the four trapdoors on the long sides of the bed.

Players can customize this design by choosing their own colors for the fences and trapdoors and modifying the banner design to match the rest of their house’s style. With a bit of creativity, a simple bed can become a functional and stylish centerpiece for any Minecraft player’s home.

2. Modern Bed

When quartz was brought to the underworld, everyone rushed to construct with it. Quartz produces clean white blocks, making it an excellent construction material for modern designs. Although it has fallen out of favour in recent years, there are still a plethora of fascinating patterns that can be created with quartz.

Minecraft Bed Designs

You may add texture to the floor by using quartz pillars. Then, for the bed’s foundation and certain lighting, you can use normal quartz blocks and slabs. You may also utilise quartz steps to add depth to your cushions.

3. Backboard Bed

Another option that comes up while thinking Minecraft bed ideas is to keep things basic with a backboard bed design. In Minecraft, you don’t necessarily have to make a nice bed.

Minecraft Bed Designs

You may instead keep things basic. A backboard bed is not complicated, but it looks nice, especially if the majority of your home is constructed of wood.

You can make a beautiful backboard out of wooden blocks, barrels, and bookcases. Put some carpet around your bed and you’ve got yourself a wonderful design. Add a lantern for a touch of whimsy.

4. Aquarium Bed

Aquariums are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of luxurious Minecraft bed ideas. However, because Minecraft encourages users to be creative, you can construct a fantastic aquarium bed.

Minecraft Bed Designs

Install glass blocks or panes behind your bed, along with some bushes. Behind your bed, it will resemble a little aquarium. To finish off the decorations, wrap some black carpet around your bed.

5. Bed of Mushrooms

Mushrooms serve a unique purpose in Minecraft, and while players commonly use them as decorative items and to make soup, there is more to them than meets the eye. Mushroom blocks are an interesting addition that veteran players may not be aware of, which can be crafted using regular mushrooms or obtained using silk touch on giant mushrooms. Giant mushrooms can be found in mushroom biomes, but they are not common, and players can also grow them using bonemeal.

It is advisable to use red and white mushroom blocks as they blend well with classic beds. You can arrange these blocks around your bed and place carpets on top of them to create an appealing look without affecting the functionality of the bed.

To Wrap it all Up

This article discusses various creative Minecraft bed designs for 2023, ranging from simple to complex. Beds serve as a way for players to set their spawn point and skip the nighttime when sleeping. Players can choose any color of wool for their bed, and there are sixteen colors available in the game.

Some popular designs include beds with canopies, headboards, and footboards made from blocks such as fences, gates, and trapdoors. Redstone enthusiasts can create functional beds that automatically close and open using redstone circuits. Other creative designs include a double bed with hidden storage, a modern bed made of quartz, a backboard bed, an aquarium bed, and a bed of mushrooms.

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