Minecraft Mobestiary – How to Outsmart Mobs and Secrets to Mobs

In Minecraft, “mobs” refer to various types of creatures or monsters that inhabit the game world. Some of these mobs are passive and will not attack the player unless provoked, while others are hostile and will attack on sight.

Examples of passive mobs include animals such as cows, pigs, and chickens, while hostile mobs include zombies, skeletons, and creepers. There are also neutral mobs, such as wolves and polar bears, which will only attack the player if provoked or threatened.

Mobs can drop various items when killed, such as food or resources, and some can be tamed or used for farming. They can also spawn in different locations and under certain conditions, such as in dark areas or near certain blocks.

What is the Minecraft Mobestiary?

The “Minecraft: Mobestiary” is a book that is related to the popular video game Minecraft. Alex Wiltshire, a writer, created the book, and Anton Stenvall, an artist, illustrated it. The book focuses on the various types of creatures and monsters, also known as mobs, that exist in the Minecraft world.

The Mobestiary provides detailed information about each mob, including their behavior, abilities, and strengths, as well as their weaknesses and how to defeat them. The book is intended to be a comprehensive guide for players who want to learn more about the different mobs they may encounter while playing the game.

In addition to providing information about each mob, the “Minecraft: Mobestiary” also includes beautiful illustrations of each creature, along with maps and other helpful tips for players. It is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to better understand the Minecraft world and its inhabitants.

What is in the Minecraft Mobestiary?

In the “Minecraft: Mobestiary” book, a character called the Naturalist gives a detailed explanation of how each mob works in the Minecraft world from his point of view. The writing mostly focuses on the mechanics of each mob within the game, but occasionally references things from outside the game. For example, the Naturalist mentions how the killer bunny is featured in a popular comedic play, or how some players believe that chickens are spying on them.

Minecraft Mobestiary

The Naturalist also dissects some of the mobs, which means he takes them apart to examine their anatomy. This allows the reader to see things like organs, bones, and even redstone (a type of material used for building in Minecraft) depending on the mob being studied. The dissections provide a deeper understanding of each mob’s biology and how they function within the game world.

The Naturalist in Mobestiary

The Naturalist, a character in the “Minecraft: Mobestiary” book, reflects on the marvels and risks of the game world, and how explorers like himself brave the dangers to discover new things. According to the Naturalist, he has collected extensive information on every creature in the game world, from the Overworld, Nether, and End dimensions.

Realizing the value of this knowledge, the Naturalist decides to create a book called the “Mobestiary” to share his insights with other explorers and scientists. The book would contain his own findings as well as information from others, creating a comprehensive resource on the creatures of the Minecraft world.

Finally, the Naturalist announces that he will retire from exploring to concentrate on compiling his life’s work into the “Mobestiary”.

Passive Mobs

The “Minecraft: Mobestiary” book features the musings of the Naturalist, who introduces the passive mobs in the game, describing them as gentle creatures that provide useful items.


One such passive mob is the bat, which the Naturalist notes is often seen as evil despite being harmless. They describe the bat’s ability to echolocate and their preference for dark places such as caves. The Naturalist shares a story of a bat flying into lava out of panic, and provides information on the bat’s health and speed. They also note that a named bat pet will not leave and suggest bright lighting to deter bats from settling in unwanted areas. The Naturalist shares that some adventurers use bats to locate secret chambers through their squeaks.

Minecraft Mobestiary


Another passive mob introduced is the chicken. The Naturalist notes that they are friendly to adventurers unless attacked, at which point they run away in alarm. The chicken’s underdeveloped wings make them weak flyers, and they are capable of producing eggs every five to ten minutes. The Naturalist highlights the chicken’s wide beak, which allows for loud squawking and maximum seed intake, and suggests that chickens have many uses in the game.

Neutral Mobs

Neutral mobs are a type of creature in Minecraft that will only attack the player if provoked or threatened. They include animals such as wolves and polar bears, as well as certain humanoid mobs like piglins and bees. These mobs can often be tamed or befriended by the player, and they may drop useful items when killed.

Hostile Mobs

In Minecraft, hostile mobs attack players on sight, and they include creatures like zombies, skeletons, and creepers. These mobs can pose a significant threat to players who are unprepared. Players usually find hostile mobs in dark or dangerous areas, and defeating them can yield valuable resources and experience points.

Tameable Mobs

The player can befriend or train tameable mobs, which are a type of creature in Minecraft. Wolves, ocelots, horses, and parrots are all examples of tameable mobs. You can use specific items or certain actions to tame these mobs, and once you tame them, they will follow and assist you. Tameable mobs are valuable allies in the game, and you can use them for transportation, combat, and even farming.

Minecraft Mobestiary

Boss Mobs

Boss mobs are a type of creature in Minecraft that are significantly more powerful than other mobs in the game. Typically, players encounter them at the end of long and difficult battles, and defeating them can yield valuable rewards such as rare items and experience points. Examples of boss mobs in Minecraft include the Ender Dragon, the Wither, and the Elder Guardian. These mobs require advanced preparation and strategy to defeat, making them a significant challenge for even the most experienced players.


To Wrap it all Up

The Minecraft Mobestiary is a comprehensive guidebook that focuses on various types of creatures or monsters, called mobs, that exist in the game world. The book provides detailed information about each mob’s behavior, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and how to defeat them. It also includes illustrations, maps, and helpful tips for players.

The Mobestiary features a character called the Naturalist, who gives a detailed explanation of how each mob works in the Minecraft world. The book covers passive, neutral, and hostile mobs, and tameable mobs that players can befriend or train. The Naturalist also dissects some of the mobs to examine their anatomy and provides a deeper understanding of their biology.

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