Obey Rocoto GTA 5 – Porsche Cayenne of Theft City

Obey Rocoto in GTA 5 is a fancy SUV with four doors. Players can discover and utilize these items in both Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online. This SUV is spacious inside and has a contemporary design. Therefore, it is a favorite choice for gamers who want to look fashionable while playing the game.

The Obey Rocoto GTA 5 is a really good car to have in your collection in GTA V and GTA Online. It has great performance and high-quality features that make it a valuable addition for any player. Whether players want to wander around the city or take on challenging goals, this SUV will provide a nice and reliable vehicle.

Obey Rocoto GTA 5 Design Innovation

The Rocoto is a premium crossover SUV that takes the place of the Rebla from Grand Theft Auto IV. The style of the vehicle appears to be influenced by the German styling. Both the first and second generation Porsche Cayenne, with a size comparable to the Audi Q5. The headlamps and taillights come from a second-generation Volkswagen Touareg.

Obey Rocoto GTA 5

Obey Rocoto GTA 5 Design Features

The Rocoto is a spacious SUV with a large body that provides ample room for its occupants. The front of the vehicle has a black section at the base with a rectangular mesh intake located in the center, taking up about a third of the car’s width. The trapezium-shaped main grille with four plastic horizontal elements placed over the mesh pattern is situated just above this section. Rhomboid-shaped outer intakes are on either side of this grille, which has two plastic horizontal elements and a coloured middle separation that houses modern strips.

Towards the top of the front is a smaller rectangular grille with a mesh pattern and plastic trim. That surrounded by inset housings with silver trim around them. These housings contain dual circular headlamps and triangle-shaped amber signals with silver details around each unit. The bonnet has curved lines that start from the inner sides of the headlamp housings and reach towards the base of the windscreen, along with inner lines that are parallel to the main ones.

Obey Rocoto GTA 5 Side Stripes

The car has slightly broader formations around the tyre arches and lower sides, as well as black details around the same arches and skirting region on the sides. The SUV has silver trim around the windows and black interior pillars in the cockpit, and the front doors have rounded mirror shells near the A-pillars, with the bottom halves finished in carbon fibre and supported by black frames.

Obey Rocoto GTA 5

Obey Rocoto GTA 5 Rear End

The rear compartment door dominates the back of the vehicle, featuring a roof spoiler with two rectangular brake lamps positioned over the rear window. The lower half of the door has a silver strip positioned between the two inner brake lamps in the middle. Two rectangular brake lamps are positioned beside the license plate, while the Obey logo is located below the silver strip at the center of the lower area.

Obey Rocoto GTA 5 Color Scheme

The authorities have restricted the vehicle to a single hue, which appears on both the bodywork and the upper portions of the mirror casings. The vehicle’s wheels strongly resemble the “LozSpeed Ten” rims found at Los Santos Customs and feature medium-profile tires.

Obey Rocoto GTA 5 Performance

The Rocoto is a viable option to the game’s more famous SUVs, the Dubsta and the second generation Baller. It has an excellent mix of off-road and on-road performance. A stiffer ride and high-speed gearbox that makes the vehicle more responsive and capable of reaching a high maximum speed. On the other hand the AWD configuration maximises the vehicle’s potential for topographical excursions. On the other hand, acceleration is somewhat ordinary, stopping is among the worst in its class, and damage resistance is poor, as after a few hard-on crashes, one of the front wheels cambers and jams into the fenders.

Engine Specifications

A V8 engine with a 5-speed transmission powers the Rocoto. It sends 40% of motor power to the front axles and the balance to the back. The engine sound, which is low-powered but somewhat high-revving with reasonably seamless timing.

How to Get Obey Rocoto GTA 5

You can obtain the Obey Rocoto by either stealing it from the streets or purchasing it for $85,000. You can store this mid-size luxury crossover SUV in any of your Properties/Garages as a Personal Vehicle and customize it at Los Santos Customs.

Moreover, you can modify the vehicle in a Vehicle Workshop inside one of your owned properties. Once you have the Rocoto, you can request delivery from the Mechanic to have it brought to your location. The spawn locations of the vehicle can be found in the “Appearances” section below. That makes it easier for players to locate and acquire the car. With its spacious interior and luxurious features, the Rocoto is a popular vehicle choice for players who want a touch of class in their GTA V gameplay.

To Wrap it all Up

The car named Obey Rocoto can be found or bought in the game Grand Theft Auto V and its online version, Grand Theft Auto Online. A fancy SUV with a lot of space inside. The design of the Obey Rocoto was influenced by the Porsche Cayenne. This car has a powerful V8 engine and a 5-speed gearbox, and it works well both on regular roads and off-road. However, it doesn’t have strong protection against damage. You can customize and store the car in houses or garages in the game. If players add the Rocoto to their vehicle collection in GTA V and GTA Online, it can make their gaming experience better.

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