Resident Evil 4: Guide to the Puzzles and Ashley Treasure Keys

The player assumes control of Ashley in Resident Evil 4. This takes place within the Castle, with Leon being incarcerated in a gilded cage. At this time, you can get your hands on some very priceless items. In order to help you beat the Ashley Treasure Keys and Puzzles in Resident Evil 4, we’ve included a guide below.

Resident Evil 4 Ashley Treasure Keys And Puzzles Guide

The Resident Evil 4 Ashley Treasure Keys and Puzzles segment begins after you finish assembling the Chimera Heads Statue. A cutscene will occur, during which Leon will get imprisoned, and Ashley will be forced to flee. After that, she’ll be able to grab a Blue Lantern, which is technically the only weapon she has at this point in time. The gadget not only provides illumination in areas previously in the dark, but it also can immobilize Living Armor, commonly known as infected knights.

  • Grandfather Clock Puzzles: The time you need to set the dial to will vary depending on the game’s difficulty setting. The answer is 11:04 whether you’re using Assisted or Standard mode. On Hard or Professional, however, the time is 7:00. By doing so, a secret entrance to the Mausoleum below may be uncovered. Do not take that step just yet.
  • Bunch of Keys: Enter the Library proper, and make your way to the far end. You may lower the stairs by rotating the lever after placing the Blue Lantern on the pedestal, which will disclose a recess.
    1. Many keys may be found in a Pile on the landing of the second level. The majority of the chests in this area cannot be accessed without this item.
    2. The wall also has a square nook that Ashley is unable to access. To get the CQBR Assault Rifle, Leon may accomplish this at a later time.
    3. There are two Living Armor monsters in the Library. Just illuminating them with the light will render them immobile. They move slowly enough that you can easily outrun them.

Using Ashley’s Key Collection

The Bunch of Keys will display four symbols during the Ashley Treasure Keys and Puzzles section of Resident Evil 4. The serpent, fish, flower, and bird are shown here from left to right. One of these signs must be affixed to every lockable box or panel in this area.

  • Chest 1: To reach the area behind the bookcases near the door, crawl through the available gap. To get the Classy Cologne Bottle, please use the Fish Key.
  • Elevator: The Flower Key will unlock the elevator door on the other side of the Library. To reach the upper level, just flip the switch.
  • Chest 2: You’ll find a save spot, an indentation for the Salazar Family Insignia (more on this later), a Cubic Device Box (for Leon), and another chest on the second level (use the Bird Key to get a Sapphire). Similarly, a notice will instruct you to enter 11:04 into the clock here. If you accomplish this, the wall will shift and you’ll be allowed to return to the basement.
  • Chest 3: The Mausoleum houses the last chest. After exiting the chamber through the door you unlocked with the Clock Puzzle, descend the stairs or use the elevator. After all the knights have been herded into a tunnel of blue flames, you will find the chest. Find the hidden chest in the back of the room, unlock it with the Snake Key, and get the Emerald inside.

Salazar Family Crest and Mausoleum Lantern Puzzle

Running by the Living Armors in the Mausoleum region will cause them to be frozen by the blue flame, at which point you may unlock the Snake Key box. There is a shrine with three pedestals at the end of this corridor. Ashley is holding one of two lanterns on the table. The aim is to inspect the blue symbols written on each lantern’s surface. Next, switch and set the right ones on each pedestal so that the designs face outward (i.e., star, crescent moon, and empty circle).

After you’re finished, get the Salazar Family Crest. More Living Armor will emerge as a result of this, however. If you don’t have a flashlight, you’d better start running. You may use your superior acceleration to outrun your slower foes and return to the Library’s upper level. Open the door by placing the emblem in the notch.

There will be a brief scene change. Ashley will rescue Leon, only to be abducted (again) and held for numerous chapters before you may rescue her. Have no fear; Leon will be able to collect all of the Ashley Treasures you’ve uncovered in Resident Evil 4 at the beginning of the next chapter. Moreover, you may engage the Merciless Knight in battle if you return to the Mausoleum as Leon.


In conclusion, “Resident Evil 4 Remake: Guide to the Puzzles and Keys of Ashley Treasure” provides a comprehensive guide to the puzzles and secrets found in the remake of Resident Evil 4. It covers all the necessary steps, from gathering the right items to solving the puzzles and unlocking the secret of Ashley’s treasure. The article provides an in-depth look into the puzzles and secrets of the game and serves as an invaluable resource for players looking to unlock hidden rewards.

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