Resident Evil 4 Remake Characters Guide

All Resident Evil 4 gamers may get The Mercenaries at no cost. Here, you may take control of one of several heroes and fight your way through waves upon waves of foes in an effort to get a high score. Check out our Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries characters guide to learn more about the game’s cast and how they’re outfitted.

The Mercenaries Character Unlocks

Mercenaries Mode: Leon Loadout and Mayhem Mode

Mayhem Mode

  • Bullet Rush – Increases Leon’s damage and speed while active.

Weapons and items

  • SG-09R with Laser Sight; 30x Handgun Ammo
  • Riot Gun; 10x Shotgun Shells
  • Stingray with High-power Scope; 5x Rifle Ammo
  • Combat Knife
  • First-Aid Spray

If you’ve been playing the campaign, you’re probably accustomed to Leon’s peculiarities by now. Because of his role in the Mercenaries adaptation of Resident Evil 4, he is equipped with a wide variety of weaponry suitable for close, mid, and long-range engagements. His Mayhem Mode ability is similarly easy to understand and use and may save the day in a pinch.

Mercenaries Mode: Luis Loadout and Mayhem Mode

Mayhem Mode

  • Dynamite: Put some explosives on the earth. After a few seconds, or upon being fired at, it will detonate. When one stick of dynamite has detonated, you may drop another. Finally, Luis is safe from the effects of explosions.

Weapons and items

  • Red9; 30x Handgun Ammo
  • SR-M1903 with Biosensor Scope; 5x Rifle Ammo
  • Boot Knife
  • Flash Grenade
  • 2x First-Aid Sprays

At first look, Luis may seem to be the least formidable of the Mercenaries in Resident Evil 4’s remake. After all, he has the Red9, which is excellent overall but has weak shot grouping that might cause problems in fast-paced situations. The SR-M1903 is even less ideal as a sniper rifle due to its bolt-action and sluggish rate of fire.

Fortunately, Luis possesses one of the greatest Mayhem Mode abilities available. The effect leads him to drop dynamite sticks, which explode in a wide radius around him, yet he is unharmed by the blast. Simply said, you need to select a good camping area after increasing the timeframe using orbs. You could always rely on your explosives to protect yourself from harm.

In addition, Luis’ Biosensor Scope attachment for his sniper rifle can detect Plaga parasites inside living hosts. This implies you can swiftly eliminate the tentacle mutations by destroying them. Finally, keep an eye on Luis’ melee motion, since he may sometimes punch or swing a lead pipe.

Mercenaries Mode: Krauser Loadout and Mayhem Mode

Mayhem Mode

  • Mutation: The mutation of Krauser’s arm grants you deadly melee assaults for a limited time. Using the left mouse button results in a standard swing, while using both buttons results in a thrusting strike.

Weapons and items

  • TMP; 30x SMG Ammo
  • EJF-388 Compound Bow; 3x Explosive Arrows
  • Fighting Knife
  • 3x Flash Grenades
  • First-Aid Spray

You’ll be taking on the role of a campaign leader now. Krauser, a playable character in the Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries, is known for his unique abilities. The TMP isn’t fantastic, and you’ll need to aim carefully if you want to hit enemies in the head. Meanwhile, the area-of-effect blast of the EJF Compound Bow should make quick work of groups of enemies.

When used, Mayhem Mode completely infects Krauser’s arm with Las Plagas, making him deadlier than usual. Once it is active, it can make short work of special infected, therefore it is best used to rip through groups of opponents. Nevertheless, its biggest drawback is that it greatly slows down his pace. So, it is a total waste of time to use this while the enemy is still some distance away.

Mercenaries Mode: Hunk Loadout and Mayhem Mode

Mayhem Mode

  • Infinite Ammo: Hunk has an infinite supply of ammunition when active, therefore he may fire his weapon constantly.

Special action

  • Neck Snap: Hunk’s melee strikes (as opposed to the standard knife slash) against stunned foes consist of a neck snap that causes immediate death.

Weapons and items

  • LE5; 160x SMG Ammo
  • Boot Knife
  • 3x Hand Grenades
  • First-Aid Spray

Hunk is limited in his weapon selection to a single LE5 SMG. His ability to instantly kill with a snap of the neck more than makes up for it. The aim is to shoot an opponent in the head to stun them, then immediately follow up with his unique melee attack. In addition, the especially infected may also benefit from this treatment. To be clear, unlike Leon’s roundhouse kick or Luis’ lead pipe, this is a single-target move, therefore you won’t be able to do AoE pushbacks.

His Mayhem Mode ability accomplishes exactly what it promises to do: provide the user with an endless supply of ammunition. Be careful you use it to decimate large groups of enemies. Keep an eye out for an approaching foe, for when the ability’s time ends, Hunk will immediately reload.


These Characters Guide for the Resident Evil 4 Remake details every confirmed new and returning character for the remake. Each playable character, from Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong to Jack Krauser and Dr. Salvador, has their own backstory and set of skills that can aid or hinder your journey through the game. You’ll be able to pick the right players and put them to good use on your squad using the information in this manual. You can overcome any obstacle if you have the correct cast of characters.

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