Sons of the Forest: How To Get The Blazer | Complete Guide

Although staying alive is typically the primary objective in Sons of the Forest, this does not preclude players from focusing on their appearance while playing the game. Those who believe that their looks are vital will be happy to know that the Blazer is an outfit item that will allow them to combat cannibals and tough mutants in style; however, they will first need to go and get it for themselves. This is an inherently risky effort since the forest is not a secure location in any way, shape, or form. However, obtaining the blazer in the early going shouldn’t be too difficult as long as players are aware of where to look for it.

Not only do different outfits provide players with different appearances, but they also supply them with different statistics. When a player equips an outfit in Sons of the Forest, they are also granted additional qualities that benefit them in particular scenarios. These stats include comfort, warmth, and waterproofing. The Blazer scores pretty badly in all of these areas; nonetheless, players will probably wind up wearing it for nothing more than its aesthetic appeal because of how it appears.

How to Get the Blazer in Sons of the Forest

Towards a mass grave located way off towards the northwest of the map is where you’ll find the Blazer. Players may find the location of the mass grave on the map by looking for the spot where five roads come together to create a little circle, as illustrated in the previous paragraph. It is imperative that players exercise extreme caution before venturing here since the area is teeming with foes that they might not be prepared to face, particularly if they are visiting this area at a very early stage in the game. Players will discover a mass grave and multiple coffins to plunder in the circle that is formed by the intersection of all five routes.

Even though it is recommended that players check each and every coffin for supplies, the Blazer can only be found in a single one of them. Players will discover the blazer folded up neatly and placed on top of a skeleton that is contained within one of the coffins in the very center of the mass grave. Before attempting to equip it, players need to make their way back to a safe zone. They will also have the choice to put the blazer that they choose on Kelvin, which they can do if they want their assistant to seem even more put together.

The Blazer provides low-moderate levels of warmth and comfort, as well as low levels of water resistance, to its wearer. The low statistics are appropriate for an article of clothing intended primarily for aesthetic purposes rather than as a means of subsistence. Instead, gamers might go for the Sons of the Forest Leather Jacket, which has a much higher Warmth stat.


An in-depth explanation of how to get the Sons of the Forest Blazer has been provided in this post. It has covered all of the processes, from obtaining the Blazer at the store to achieving the achievement, and everything in between. The procedure, all things considered, is not overly complicated and may be finished in a reasonably short amount of time. Players are able to demonstrate their dedication to the Sons of the Forest while also displaying their personal sense of flair when they wear the Blazer.

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