How to Get the Leather Jacket in Sons of the Forest | Complete Guide

Outfits are an essential component in Sons of the Forest due to the fact that they not only provide statistical advantages but are also one of the few ways that players may alter their outward presentation. One of these outfits is called a Leather Jacket, and it is one that players may get quite early on in the game if they are willing to take enough risks. A Tactical Jacket is given to both the player and Kelvin at the beginning of the game; however, this does not provide much in the way of advantages in terms of statistics and appears to be very uninspired in terms of appearance.

The player or Kelvin would benefit greatly from the addition of the Leather Jacket to their wardrobe. Players in Sons of the Forest are not required to acquire the Leather Jacket in order to progress, but doing so will grant them access to improved stats as well as a fresh new appearance. However, if players do decide to go outside in search of this equipment, they will need to exercise extreme caution because cannibals and mutants present a significant danger to them.

How to Get the Leather Jacket in Sons of the Forest

One of the two sure locations to find a leather jacket in Sons of the Forest is either the Plane Crash or the Rebreather Cave. Both locations are located in the same area. The Plane Crash is the better choice between these two alternatives because it is not watched over by hostile characters. Players need to travel to the southern location depicted on the map presented earlier in order to find the Plane Crash. Once they reach their destination, they will have to conduct a search of the plane’s cockpit in order to locate a pilot who is wearing the Leather Jacket.

The Rebreather Cave may be accessed by traveling to the northern location shown on the aforementioned map. They should bring a Tactical Axe with them in case they need to break inside the cave to begin investigating. The payoff is worth the risk of encountering blind mutants and Fingers as the player makes their way through the cave. They’ll be equipped with a stun gun and rebreather in addition to the leather jacket. A Taser and a Leather Jacket are located next to a dead body suspended from the ceiling; players must choose the correct branch of the road to get them.

Now that you have one or both of the Leather Jackets, you may put it on yourself or gift it to Kelvin, the most popular non-playable character in the game. The player receives moderate protection from water, moderate warmth, and moderate comfort with this item. When compared to other categories of clothing in the game, this is a good all-around option. It also has some stylish sunglasses, which is a nice bonus.


The player’s character may really stand out from the crowd and show off their sense of style by donning the leather jacket that is available in Sons of the Forest. Players may discover the leather jacket and put it on for a one-of-a-kind appearance by following a few easy instructions. In Sons of the Forest, players may simply obtain the leather jacket by locating the supply drop in the forest, discovering the leather jacket, and then equipping it. Players have the ability to personalize their characters and feel like they are a part of a distinct and fashionable group thanks to the leather jacket.

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