Sons of the Forest Complete Guide 2023

Sons of the Forest is a frightening game where your main goal is to stay alive. The bad guys are really strong and have a lot of power. We don’t have a lot of the things we need, like food and water. We don’t have many medicines. When the sun is going down, it can be
very dangerous and not safe. Players will most likely lose their lives multiple times before they become good at staying alive.

We provide a detailed guide for beginners to help you start playing the game with some extra tips and resources.

Sons of the Forest is a game where you play as the only person left alive from a group of soldiers on a deserted island. The goal is to find a billionaire who is lost along with his family. To finish the main part of the game, players have to do three important things.


The initial task is to procure a shovel, which will facilitate entry into the subterranean region of the island, where an enigmatic door is situated. The second priority is to acquire two keycards that will grant entry through the door. The ultimate objective is to confront whatever may be behind the door and reach a significant decision.

Although it is feasible to explore the island and scavenge for superior armaments and gear, this guide is intended exclusively for those who are interested in finishing the primary storyline of the game.

Step 1: Obtaining a Shovel

The first step in beating Sons of the Forest is to get a shovel. This is no easy task, as it requires obtaining two essential items: a Rebreather and a Rope Gun. There’s a cross with a rope gun in a cave, so players should make sure to pick it up.

Step 2: Getting a Rebreather

Players can find the Rebreather in a cave located on the coast of the island, which is marked by a cave icon on the GPS. However, they should be aware that this cave is home to dangerous enemies that can quickly take them down if they are unprepared. The Rebreather is located in the pool along with the spare air tank.

Step 3: Finding the Rope Gun

Sons of the Forest

To get the Rope Cannon, players need to have the Rebreather. The cave nearest to the bunker, indicated by a green icon in the island’s center, is where you can find the rope gun. Once they have the two items, players must travel to the island’s middle, where they will discover a cave with three staked corpses in front of it. Because of how hazardous this cave is, players should think about stocking up on grenades and molotov cocktails.

Step 4: Obtaining Two Keycards

Once players have obtained a shovel, they can proceed to the game’s second major goal, which involves obtaining the VIP Keycard and the Maintenance Keycard. Both of these items are indispensable for accessing the concealed entrance that contains details regarding the island and the affluent family.

Step 5: Getting the Maintenance Keycard

The Maintenance Keycard can be located in a bunker referred to as Maintenance Hatch A, which can be identified by a golf cart symbol on the map. This particular hatch is not visible on the surface and necessitates excavation with the use of a shovel.

Step 6: Finding the VIP Keycard

Sons of the Forest

The Food Storage Bunker, denoted on the map by a tunnel icon, contains the VIP Keycard, which can be acquired without a shovel. Players must remember to pick up the VIP card in the security area even though there is plenty of food available here.

Step 7: Reveal the Artifact

Upon successfully acquiring both keycards, gamers can advance toward the ultimate objective of Sons of the Forest. The initial site of interest is the exterior entrance to the underground shelter. It is advisable to first navigate through the nearby caverns to obtain the Golden Armor.

Step 8: Obtaining the Golden Armor

Sons of the Forest

Once inside the cave, players should use their VIP key card and continue down. A cutscene will play out in a room where some people are having a shootout

The Two Possible Endings of The Game

Sons of the Forest has two possible endings that players can achieve based on their choices in the game. The first ending sees the player successfully escape the island with their son, either by fixing a broken plane or building a raft to sail away. This ending is considered the “good” ending. As it allows the player to escape the island and potentially save their son.

In the second ending, the player chooses to stay on the island and join the mysterious tribe residing there. Many consider this ending as the “bad” one since it involves the player abandoning their previous life and joining a cult-like group. Furthermore, this ending suggests that the player leaves their son behind on the island, and the son’s fate remains unknown.

Both endings offer unique and satisfying conclusions to the game’s story. Players can choose their own path, making the game’s ending feel personal and meaningful to them.

In Conclusion

In simpler terms, Sons of the Forest is a tough and thrilling game that requires careful thinking and planning in order to beat the challenges and stay alive. The game is very intense and exciting, and there is a large world to explore.
You will come across different enemies, each with their own special skills and weaknesses.

The game is hard, but finishing it is really worth it. It has an interesting story and two different ways it can end. By following the steps in this guide, players can easily follow the main story of the game. However, there are also lots of other things to discover and accomplish outside of the main quests for those who like to explore and play in their own way.

Overall, Sons of the Forest is a special and exciting video game that will keep players very interested. This game is perfect for horror fans who enjoy survival and exploring. It has an exciting story and tough challenges, which will keep you entertained for hours.

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