Star Wars Jedi: Survivor How To Get Mounts

Beginning with the planet Koboh, the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game takes you to a number of different locations around the galaxy. Long journeys are inevitable while traversing the wide countryside, woodlands, and jungles, therefore it’s a good idea to bring along anything that can assist you with exploration. The following is a tutorial that will assist you in obtaining mounts in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

How to get mounts in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game

If you go further in the story campaign of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, up until the moment when you have to go to the Forest Array, you will be able to get your very first ride. As you continue through the game, Cal will eventually run into a flying creature known as a Relter. This creature has a vague resemblance to a cross between a squirrel and a bat. Following this, a brief cutscene will play, in which Cere instructs Cal on some new moves. This will allow the Tame ability/special action to become available to use.

You can use the Tame action on friendly creatures that play a significant role in the course of the plot or objective. Don’t be concerned since the game will guide you in the right direction as you progress through the campaign. In the following, we will describe each of the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor mounts that we have discovered up to this point.


The previously described Relter might be called a mount because it allows you to fly while riding on it. However, there are restrictions on how you can use the controls (think of it more like riding a train than actually flying). Although it can only fly to certain locations, the Relter allows you to travel laterally and drop off at any point. Additionally, there are air vents that enable it to soar higher in the air when it is in flight.


When you complete the Forest Array part of the campaign, you will receive the Nekko as a reward. This ground mount can be operated from Koboh with complete precision. Its strong legs enable it to ascend slopes that would ordinarily lead Cal to slip and fall. Cal may also double leap when riding on a Nekkos to access higher platforms.

You may also take one to the stables at Rambler’s Reach. In addition, the Nekko may be summoned by pressing the Call Mount button (i.e., Left Ctrl on PC, RB on Xbox, or L1 on PlayStation). To make advantage of this feature, you might need to relocate to a new region.

The ability to do battle while mounted is another unique perk of riding a Nekko. This may be accomplished by slashing at enemies with a Lightsaber or, after Blaster Stance has been acquired, by firing your gun at them.


As part of the campaign, you will travel across the deserts of Jedha, which are home to a monster known as a Spamel. This species has long legs and lives in the desert. It has the ability to serve as a ground mount, and unlike the Nekko, it will not slide down sloped routes. In order for Cal to reach higher ledges, he will also have the ability to jump out of one of the platforms.

Speeder Bike

Last but not least, there will come a time in the story when you will be able to ride a Speeder Bike. In spite of the fact that it is a vehicle and not a mount, we have decided to include it on our list. However, we won’t reveal any details about what takes place throughout this section.


In the popular video game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, obtaining mounts might be a challenge. This page offers a detailed tutorial on how to do it. If players carefully follow these instructions, they will have no trouble acquiring the horses they require to advance in the game. With the help of these hints, players will be able to access additional material and make greater strides in the game.

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