Star Wars Jedi: Survivor How You Can Unlock All Stances

The fantastic plot of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor follows Cal Kestis and the crew of the Mantis into unexplored parts of the Star Wars world, most notably the High Republic, which has never been depicted in canon. While training to become a Jedi Master, Cal learns several new lightsaber stances that players can experiment with. These include the single-blade, double-blade, dual-wield, blaster, and crossguard stances.

Learn the optimal times and places to use each stance and how to unlock them all with this helpful guide. As there is no definitive “best” stance, the decision is ultimately left up to the player.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor How to Unlock All Stances

Single Blade Stance

The single-blade stance is the easiest of the five stances to learn and use. However, this is not a negative thing because it makes it possible for players to succeed in almost any environment.

The single blade is a “jack of all trades, master of none,” which means that it has the potential to become tedious at times; nevertheless, after acquiring certain unlocks from the skill tree, it begins to shine and may become highly strong in the hands of skilled players.

This posture may be activated as soon as the game begins, and it serves as an excellent introduction to the gameplay mechanics as well as the enhancements made from the previous installment.

Double Blade Stance

Darth Maul fights with a double blade. With a single swing of this staff saber, the user may damage a large area and kill numerous foes at once.

As the lightsaber spins around the player 360 degrees, the ability to throw it is also useful for crowd control. You can increase its damage and potential for advancement on the talent tree.

This posture returns in Fallen Order, but with significant improvements that enhance its feel and damage output.

This posture is best combined with another that emphasizes crowd management and providing damage to broad groups rather than in a single swing. You can take the crossguard posture or the blaster position.

Shortly after the single-blade posture is unlocked in the first mission on Coruscant, the double-blade stance is made available.

Dual Wield Stance


The Dual Wield posture is the game’s first unlockable posture. The gamer should use this strategy if they wish to battle like Ashoka Tano.

This posture is ideal for dealing with tough opponents up close because of its emphasis on strong damage output via rapid strikes and dodges.

This stance does require a high-risk, high-reward play style as it puts the player in very close range of the enemy. When combined with the blaster stance, you have a lethal multi-range loadout that can handle any confrontation with the opponent.

This is the third playable character to join the cast after Coruscant and Koboh. As a result, the player will have to settle on one of two postures to employ.

Blaster Stance

In-game, this is a lightsaber position, despite the presence of a blaster. This gives Cal the option of using a powerful blaster in addition to his famous lightsaber.

Cal is hesitant when he is first given the blaster, but when he departs from the Jedi order’s canonical precepts, he ultimately decides to wield it. With this stance, Cal gains access to some ranged attacks, expanding his tactical options.

With this, the player can avoid harm while still dealing damage to particularly challenging bosses. However, at close range, Cal is less effective with his lightsaber when he adopts this stance.

The blaster stance has devastating strength as you go through the tree of abilities. Despite its initially unimpressive appearance, this posture quickly becomes one of the most potent after receiving enhancements and benefits such as Ricochet.


To summarise, unlock all of the stances in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor may be a job that is both difficult and gratifying to complete. Anyone can learn the different techniques required to unlock each stance if they have the patience and determination to do so. Players are able to become genuine masters of the game and master the usage of all of the stances by first becoming familiar with the fundamentals of each maneuver, then practicing parries, and then solving the tomb mysteries.

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