The Outlast Trials: How You Can Unlock Program X

Players can now get their hands on the early access edition of Outlast Trials, which sets the murky, monster-filled trials conducted by the Murkoff Corporation in a reimagined version of the Cold War era. You’ll need a group of friends to help you out, or you’ll have to be ready to tackle the game’s obstacles front on by yourself as you try to avoid getting killed by the game’s many meatheads.

Unlocking Programme X, a secret level in The Outlast Trials that promises even more heart-pounding terror outside of the game’s three major levels, is not as easy as one might imagine it would be. A significant investment of time is required on the side of the players before they may access this essential feature of the game. This is the key to unlocking it.

The Outlast Trials How to Unlock Program X

In order to access Programme X, players must first complete the previous three Programmes and all of the Trials included therein. Players need to complete each trial many times in order to meet the game’s 100% survival criteria. Don’t worry too much about achieving excellent grades for each task; letter grades are unimportant as far as completion criteria are concerned.

Each Program’s Trials increase in difficulty as participants advance, emphasizing the importance of working together. The number of enemies, traps, closed doors, and available supplies will all be altered over time.

You can find information about every program participating in The Outlast Trials right here.

Program 1 Police Station

The location of this program is an urban police station that has lengthy corridors that twist around and a parking garage that is completely dark. In order for the players to successfully complete the mission, they will need to activate the generators and clear a path to the execution chamber.

  • Kill the Snitch: Bring the Snitch to the execution chamber for electrocution.
  • Cancel the Autopsy: Locate and dispose of corpses in the police station grinders
  • Sabotage the Lockdown: Power the generators to enable escape
  • Kill the Snitch (Diff. 3): Same as above but with three Variators
  • Kill the Snitch (Max Diff.): Same as above but with six Variators

Program 2 Fun Park

In the second installment of the Programme, events take place at a desecrated amusement park that is covered with blood and viscera. In this area, participants are required to play by the rules, navigate a love tunnel that is riddled with traps, and escape with their lives intact.

  • Grind the Bad Apples: Punish the animatronic children by pushing them into a grinder at the Root Canal ride
  • Punish the Miscreants: Find more animatronic children and throw them into a grinder at the fun park’s barn
  • Open the Gates: Disconnect the electric gates to unlock the exit
  • Grind the Bad Apples (Diff. 3): Same as above but with three Variators
  • Grind the Bad Apples (Max Diff.): Same as above but with six Variators

​​​​​Program 3 Orphanage​

The last Programme in The Outlast Trials’ basic early access edition will have players sneaking around an orphanage in the hopes of bringing holy communion to the children who dwell there.

  • Cleanse the Orphans: Serve the Body of Christ to the orphans
  • Feed the Orphans: Make bleach soup and give it to the children
  • Foster the Orphans: Open gates and take the children home
  • Cleanse the Orphans (Diff. 3): Same as above but with three Variators
  • Cleanse the Orphans (Max Diff.): Same as above but with six Variators

After you have completed all of them, Programme X will be an option on the mission pick terminal before you begin a game. It has a unique selection of seasonal Trials, each of which is updated on a regular basis by the game’s developers. As the game progresses, you should prepare yourself for further trials.


In conclusion, how to unlock Program X in The Outlast Trials is a fantastic method for gaining access to the game’s rarer and more complex features. Players can increase their enjoyment of the game by accomplishing the objectives presented to them. Programme X grants the player special weapons, armor, and other advantages that may be used to advance in the game. Players may have a more engaging and fruitful time with The Outlast Trials with the aid of this tool.

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