This Skyrim Mod ‘Punishment’ Is the Ultimate Penalty

If you’re an enthusiast of Skyrim and enjoy the thrill of sneaking around Tamriel province, engaging in burglary and theft, you may find yourself facing a challenging situation with this new mod that adds a considerable level of difficulty for the stealthy Dragonborn. The Elder Scrolls 5 is widely acclaimed for its expansive open-world gameplay, offering players the freedom to embark on various adventures and pursue diverse paths, including settling down as a farmer or mastering the art of potion-making. Alongside its renowned open-world exploration, the game also incorporates elements of humor, making it a delightful and well-rounded RPG experience.

The game has a range of character builds and playthroughs, not to mention all of the modifications that are freely accessible, which is just one of the many reasons why the 11-year-old title is still going strong to this day. One of the reasons why the 11-year-old title is still going strong to this day is because of the various ways that fans may play Skyrim. Whether a player is interested in putting all of their stock into becoming stronger or has a preference for a more magic-based Dragonborn, TES5 can very much cater to any taste, and this includes the option to play as a thief.

Skyrim Mod

However, for any fan of Skyrim who decides to try out “Sneaking Kills,” a tweak from a Nexus Mods author that accomplishes exactly what the title says, the days of being a stealthy anti-hero are over. Gone are the days when you could sneak up on enemies and kill them. When the player enters stealth mode from now on, the game will kill them instantly no matter how powerful they are or how much health they have. This will occur regardless of whether or not they have a shield. This user-created addition seems to have been done for no particular reason or rhyme, but the end result is that it makes it difficult for a character to be sly. If nothing else, it will surely discourage a great number of individuals from playing the role of a thief or a covert archer.

Many people consider the stealth system in Skyrim to be a vital component of the game since it enables the Dragonborn to remain unnoticed while also enabling them to take riches or eliminate hordes of bandits without being seen. The fact that the “Sneaking Kills” mod removes the ability to do so will significantly impact how certain players approach the game. Although it’s not for everyone, it could be a good method to serve as a stern reminder that there are ways to navigate the world of Skyrim without having to resort to sneaking about.

Skyrim’s modder community has been an invaluable asset throughout the course of its existence, expanding the already massive role-playing game’s potential number of playthroughs virtually indefinitely. Because there are so many various methods to modify TES5, such as by adjusting the visuals or by adding new missions and characters, it is not surprising that the game’s legacy is still alive and well today.


“The Punishment” add-on for Skyrim offers players a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the gritty realities of the game’s world. By introducing significant consequences for taking risks, this mod prompts players to adopt a more cautious approach and consider the potential outcomes of their actions. Installing this mod is highly recommended for those seeking a truly immersive and challenging Skyrim experience where every decision carries weight.

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