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Gekko is a new character in the game Valorant who was just added by the people who made the game. Agent 22 is a talented person from Los Angeles who is really good at staying alivePeople also know him as Agent 22. He can work alone and use his weapons to help the team win, which makes him valuable in situations where there is only one opponentLots of gamers were concerned that Gekko would have an unfair advantage because of his equipment. RephraseThis lesson will help players understand Gekko’s abilities and moves so they can take control of the game. Let’s learn how to play Gekko Valorant.

Gekko Valorant Abilities

Gekko is an initiator agent, therefore it all depends on how you start a round to use his powers to gain control of a certain area of the map or plant site. He can provide your squad ample space to enter a location because to his adaptability. He may increase the likelihood of capturing control or playing post-plant whenever necessary, whether by flashing foes or moving them utilizing his Mosh Pit.

His capabilities in the game are listed in full below:

Gekko Ability | Dizzy

Meet Dizzy, the unique throwable in Valorant! When using Dizzy, all you need to do is point and press Fire, and he’ll take care of the rest. What makes Dizzy different from other throwables is that his trajectory changes depending on how you toss him. When thrown straight up, he’ll land where you toss him, but if you throw him at an angle, he’ll fall far away after 2.5 seconds. Before landing, Dizzy builds up for 0.5 seconds and shoots plasma beams at enemies, temporarily blinding them with a blue goo that covers their screen for one second. This blind effect can’t be evaded, making it a potent tool for catching enemies off-guard. Once Dizzy has blinded your foes, he’ll collapse and change into a Globule, remaining there for 20 seconds until you pick him up to reuse him.

Gekko Ability | Wingman

To plant or defuse the spike successfully in the game, keep it in stock and approach the location as a team. Watch out for enemy outlines before planting, and use Wingman with alt fire to defuse. Astra’s Gravity Well can distract, and damaging powers can neutralize the agent. Defusing with Wingman rewards an ultimate point for Gekko and helps eliminate assailants holding the location.

Gekko Ability | Mosh Pit


Gekko throws a monster named Mosh, which spreads green goo all over a vast area. The area is divided into two parts, with the inner section being lighter than the outer section, both in different shades of green. After a charging period of three seconds, the entire area explodes three times within 0.2 seconds. If caught in the bright inner section, each explosion inflicts 50 damage, whereas the darker outer section deals 25 damage per explosion. Failing to avoid the explosions in the lighter portion leads to losing the round. Gekko’s Mosh is a highly effective tool for controlling the battlefield.

Gekko Ability | Thrash 


To activate Thrash, the player must press the ability key and advance by using the fire key. This initiates a six-second period during which the player sees things from Thrash’s point of view and controls her movements. Thrash can travel a considerable distance during this time, thanks to her fast movement speed. To cause Thrash to charge towards enemies and explode on impact, the player must press the fire button once more.

Thrash stuns any enemies within its blast radius for six seconds. Adversaries can shoot down Thrash, who has 200 HP. If Thrash is destroyed, it turns into a Globule, which you can collect and reuse in the same round. Remember, Thrash can only be used once, unlike Dizzy or Wingman. If Thrash remains unused for more than six seconds, it will automatically explode.

How To Play Gekko in Valorant

Gekko’s unique skill set may not make him the primary initiator for your team, but it certainly makes him an exceptional backup option. One of his signature abilities, Wingman, may look similar to Raze’s Boombot, but it’s even more powerful. If opponents don’t destroy Wingman, it can stun them from a considerable distance, giving your squad a critical edge. Furthermore, after securing a kill, you can retrieve Wingman, wait for ten seconds, and use it to plant the spike wherever you want on the site. Wingman can also be used to defuse the spike while defending, providing limitless options to outsmart and surprise your adversaries.

But that’s not all Gekko brings to the table. His Mosh Pit skill is perfect for clearing corners while attacking or waiting for post-plant lineups. With a large radius and the ability to deal 150 damage over time, you may not even need to use your pistol to secure a kill if an enemy player remains in their area after planting. And when defending, you can use Mosh Pit to halt an enemy rush into your territory.

But Gekko’s ultimate ability, Thrash, is where he truly shines. It’s like a mobile Killjoy Ult that can temporarily immobilize all of your opponents if you manage to strike multiple enemies at once. Just be sure to have a backup plan in case any of the unrestrained players decide to wait and punish you for your boldness. So, if you’re looking for a versatile initiator who can stun enemies, plant spikes, and immobilize foes, Gekko is the perfect choice for you!

Final Verdict

To put it simply, if you know Gekko’s unique powers and tactics in Valorant, it can really help you when you’re playing. Gekko is really good for people who play by themselves in Valorant because he can effectively control large areas of the game. In the game, you can go through tough places and deceive your opponents by using Gekko’s unique powers called Mosh, Thrash, and Wingman. Players in Valorant can improve their gameplayRephrase by practicing with Gekko and experimenting with various strategies.

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