Valorant Battlepass, Episode 6, Act 2

On March 7, 2023, Valorant, a popular game, released the Episode 6 Act 2 update. This update brought several new additions and improvements to the game. It introduced a new Battlepass, which is like a special reward system for players who complete certain challenges and earn points. Additionally, a new character called the Initiator Agent was introduced, adding more variety to the roster of playable characters.

Apart from these new features, the update also included some quality-of-life improvements. These are changes made to the game to enhance the overall experience and make it more enjoyable for players.

Riot Games, the company behind Valorant, has always aimed to keep their game fresh and exciting. They regularly introduce updates that change the game’s strategies and improve its overall quality. This way, they strive to provide a dynamic and engaging gaming environment for their players.

Valorant’s seasonal Battlepass, which allows the creators to give exciting and unique content to the game’s worldwide audience, is one of the most successful strategies in attaining this goal.

Purchasing the Valorant Battlepass

Valorant players can buy the Episode 6 Act 2 Battlepass for 1000 VP (Valorant Points), which is approximately $10 depending on the region.

Players can also finish the Battlepass for free and receive a variety of free items such as weapon skins, gun buddies, player titles, Radianite Points, and more.

What the Valorant Battlepass Contain?

The Battlepass for Episode 6 Act 2 is coming out soon and it will offer three pairs of weapon skins. The Battlepass will have three levels of skin collections: Premium, Deluxe, and Select. The Premium tier will come with a Melee weapon in addition to the four pairs of skins that are included in all the other skin packs. In total, there will be 13 weapon cosmetics available in the Episode 6 Act 2 Battlepass, including the aforementioned melee skin.

To unlock these skins, players will need to purchase the Battlepass and reach certain levels. But it’s not just weapon skins that are included in the Battlepass – there are also Playercards, Gunbuddies, and Sprays up for grabs. These additional items require players to grind the Battlepass to earn them.

What does the Valorant Battlepass grant for free?

  • Episode 6 // 2 Coin Buddy
  • Whaaat? Spray
  • Tilde Shorty

What does the Valorant Battlepass grant when purchased?

  • Tilde Knife
  • Topotek Phantom
  • Signature Guardian
  • Huh? Spray
  • Commander Bruno Card

Collection Highlights

Some common collection highlights that this valorant battlepass will contain are as follows:

Tlide Skinline

Can be used on:

  • Bulldog
  • Judge
  • Operator
  • Shorty
  • Melee

Signature Skinline

Can be used on:

  • Guardian
  • Marshal
  • Sheriff
  • Stinger

Topotek Skinline

Can be used on:

  • Bucky
  • Ghost
  • Odin
  • Phantom

Episode 6, Act 2, Valorant Battlepass Playercards

Episode 6, Act 2, Valorant Battlepass Sprays

Episode 6, Act 2, Valorant Battlepass Gunbuddies


The premium Battlepass in Episode 6 Act 2 gives players 50 different levels of exclusive rewards, with five additional tiers in the epilogue, similar to previous Acts.

The free and premium rewards that players can receive from the ongoing Episode 6 Act 2 Valorant Battlepass are listed below:

Tier 1-5

  • Signature Sheriff
  • Desert Rose Buddy
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Topotek Card
  • Topotek Ghost

Tier 6-10

  • Tug of War Spray
  • Huh? Spray
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Tilde Card
  • Tilde Judge

Tier 11-15

  • Setting Records Card
  • Signature Spray
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Lucky Star Buddy
  • Signature Stinger

Tier 16-20

  • Topotek Bucky
  • Boot Camp 
  • Charging Station Spray
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Signature Marshal

Tier 21-25

  • We Made It Spray
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Tilde Buddy
  • Let’s Go! Spray
  • Tilde Operator

Tier 26-30

  • Well Played Spray
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Wanted Tactibear Spray
  • Commander Bruno Card
  • Topotek Odin

Tier 31-35

  • Gentle Breeze Card
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Topotek Buddy
  • Bye OP Spray
  • Tilde Bulldog

Tier 36-40

Valorant Battlepass
  • Wide Swing Spray
  • Extra Crispy Buddy
  • Signature Card
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Signature Guardian

Tier 41-45

Valorant Battlepass
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Brunch At Crown Card
  • Scoop Of Smoke Spray
  • Too Early For This Spray
  • Topotek Phantom

Tier 46-50

Valorant Battlepass
  • Omen Cat Dance Spray
  • Bounce House Buddy
  • Boot Camp // Stealth Module Card
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Tilde Knife

Epilogue Collectibles

Valorant Battlepass
  • Epilogue: Lucky Star Buddy
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Epilogue: Settings Record Card

Valorant’s Episode 6 Act 2 Battlepass will be accessible for 48 days after its release. Additionally, Players will have until April 25, 2023 to progress through the Battlepass’s 55 tiers and reap the rewards.

Episode 6 Act 3, Valorant’s Episode 6: Revelation’s final Act, will replace the current Act a few hours after it ends.

To Wrap it all Up

Valorant released the Episode 6 Act 2 update, featuring a new Initiator Agent and Battlepass with skins for 13 weapons. The Battlepass can be purchased or earned by leveling up and includes various collectibles like Gunbuddies and Playercards. It offers 50 levels of exclusive rewards, available for a limited time.

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