Vehicle Warehouse GTA 5: Everything You Need To Know

In Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), individuals acting as CEOs in the game have the option to acquire Vehicle Warehouses, a feature reminiscent of their ability to purchase Special Cargo Warehouses. This can be achieved by selecting the “Vehicle Cargo” alternative through the SecuroServ system on the computer located at their CEO Office desk. Once a Vehicle Warehouse is obtained, it allows CEOs to source and subsequently sell cars.

Each player is limited to owning a single-vehicle warehouse, and these dedicated storage facilities are capable of accommodating up to 40 pilfered vehicles targeted for sale. There is a diverse range of vehicle types to be stored, and the available Vehicle Cargo can be checked by visiting the official website accessible from the Organization’s Office. Notably, the Vehicle Warehouse is protected from potential attacks by both in-game computer-controlled characters and other players.

Furthermore, the Vehicle Warehouse possesses an underground area specifically designated for the storage of eight newly introduced Special Vehicles.

Vehicle Warehouse GTA 5 – Interior Setup

The internal layout of each warehouse is the same, with the only variation being the interior decorations, which can be added during the buying process or subsequently redecorated.

Vehicle Warehouse GTA 5

The car warehouse’s interiors include a workplace with a laptop computer, sleeping quarters, a vending machine and a wardrobe for changing clothes. A mod shop on the other side of the building is used for maintenance and to modify cars for special sales. (the only time the player interacts with the mod shop is when preparing a vehicle for sale; it cannot be used outside of sell missions). There is also a subterranean storing area for the unique cars introduced in the update.

Various tools and equipment are scattered throughout the interior, some repurposed from other workshops such as Los Santos Customs and Benny’s Original Motor Works, while others are brand new. Device, Power Metal, Hard Stand, Strokemaster, and Flint are among the tool makers used. Depending on the interior motif, the colour of different equipment, especially storage facilities, changes.

Interior Options & Variations in Vehicle Warehouse GTA 5

The three internal choices do not alter the structure or objects used inside the building, but instead entirely remake the walls, floors, and colour scheme. 

Vehicle Warehouse GTA 5

The “Basic” (standard) choice, for example, has a rundown look and borrows graphics from Hayes Autos. 

Vehicle Warehouse GTA 5

The “Urban” choice has ornamental graffiti on the walls and is slightly more worn and faded than the preset design. The “Branded” choice is the cleanest of the bunch, with a blue floor and white/purple walls. Aside from the tidy appearance, various posters, including vehicle business brand names such as Mammoth, Declasse, Albany, and Willard, as well as various auto-related companies such as Atomic, Fukaru, Chepalle, and Sumo, are suspended from the walls.

Usage in Vehicle Warehouse GTA 5

Vehicle Warehouses are needed in Los Santos and Blaine County for the storing of supplied automobiles. Vehicles are kept here until the CEO chooses to sell them. (subject to cool-down times as applicable). The building has a tiny room with a notebook computer that allows the player to access the Ad-Hawk Autos website and sell the cars they have gathered through Vehicle Cargo tasks.

GTA Online: How to Buy a Vehicle Warehouse Guide

The price differences between accessible warehouses represent their locations and the effect on the ease of import and export shipping. All nine warehouses, however, are situated in the south and east of Los Santos, requiring some degree of cross-town traffic navigation and the danger of NPC traffic accident damage.

Daily Fees In Vehicle Warehouse GTA 5

This property comes with a sole charge of $50 for the garage mechanic, which means that there are no additional costs to worry about. However, it is important to note that this fee does not permit players to store their personal vehicles at this property. Instead, it is strictly meant for storing inventory. Therefore, players should refrain from parking their cars here as they will not be considered safe or secure. It is essential to follow these guidelines to avoid any issues or misunderstandings with the property owner or other players who may be sharing the space.


There are a total of nine car depots for sale. All Vehicle Warehouses can be purchased via the SecuroServ Network on the player’s Office’s primary computer interface. The warehouse’s price represents its ease, with the lowest being in rather narrow, limited areas or areas with high gang activity, and the more costly sites being open space, enabling the Cargobob to become more useful. All Vehicle Warehouses are in Los Santos County, particularly in the southern and eastern regions.

Vehicle Warehouse GTA 5

Common Locations

  • Cypress Flats Warehouse
  • Davis Warehouse
  • El Burro Heights Warehouse
  • Elysian Island Warehouse
  • La Mesa Warehouse
  • La Puerta Warehouse
  • LSIA Warehouse
  • LSIA Warehouse
  • Murrieta Heights Warehouse

Wrap it all Up

Within the realm of GTA 5, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) have the opportunity to acquire a Vehicle Warehouse through the selection of the “Vehicle Cargo” option. This option is conveniently accessible on the computer located at the CEO’s desk within the SecuroServ system. Once the Vehicle Warehouse is secured, players can engage in the procurement and subsequent sale of vehicles, some of which may be “acquired” rather liberally. These warehouses are capacious enough to house up to 40 stolen vehicles awaiting their turn on the market.

Furthermore, concealed within the warehouse, a clandestine chamber exists, tailor-made for the safekeeping of up to eight recently introduced Special Vehicles. In the virtual world of Los Santos and Blaine County, there are nine distinct properties available for purchase, each with its own unique attributes. The prices of these vehicles can exhibit variations contingent upon their location and the degree of ease or challenge associated with the process of extraction or deposit. However, it is important to note that players are precluded from stowing their personal vehicles within these warehouses, despite the variances in interior design among the properties. The only expense incurred for this real estate venture is a nominal $50 fee to cover garage maintenance.

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