How to Get Wild Greens Zelda TOTK | Location and Usage

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) is an engaging and imaginative fantasy game that captivates players with its diverse gameplay and expansive environment to explore. TOTK has a variety of intriguing side tasks that enrich the player’s experience by giving additional challenges, prizes, and exploring possibilities.

TOTK’s side missions include a broad variety of jobs and activities, each meant to put the player’s talents to the test and provide fresh gaming chances. Solving complicated riddles dispersed around the game environment is a common form of side mission. The player may be required to handle items, read cryptic symbols, or negotiate complicated mazes in these puzzles. Solving these puzzles rewards the player with valuable treasures and access to secret regions.

The search for hidden objects is another prevalent feature of TOTK’s side missions. Players are encouraged to seek the vast game environment for well-hidden gems and artefacts. These hidden things might be formidable weapons, mystical artefacts, or special powers that help the player along their adventure. The sense of success and excitement of discovery while discovering these elusive treasures adds an intriguing level to the gameplay experience.

What are Wild Greens in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

In the world of “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom” (TOTK), the seemingly ordinary ‘wild greens’ that players come across in their adventures are, in fact, the prized Sundelion plants. Sundelions are vibrant and delicate flowers that possess various beneficial properties when used in recipes or alchemy within the game.

While players may stumble upon a few Sundelions during their journey, they can also actively seek them out in specific locations throughout the game world. Two notable areas where Sundelions can be found are Hyrule Field and Eldin Canyon. Which offer diverse environments for these flowers to thrive. The vast expanse of Hyrule Field presents opportunities to discover patches of wild Sundelions amidst the grassy plains and rolling hills. Meanwhile, the rugged terrain of Eldin Canyon provides a unique backdrop where Sundelions can be found. Flourishing near the edges of cliffs and along winding paths.

Additionally, players may find that Sundelions are most commonly abundant in the enchanting Sky Islands. These floating landmasses, suspended high above the ground, offer a sanctuary for various flora, including the coveted Sundelions. Exploring the Sky Islands and their lush environments often rewards players with an abundance of these flowers, allowing them to collect a substantial supply.

Gloom-borne Illness and the Use of Wild Greens Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

The list of ingredients required to prepare the Sunny Veggie Porridge in “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”:

To create the Sunny Veggie Porridge, the protagonist’s grandmother’s preferred dish, the following items are necessary:

  • Hylian Rice
  • Fresh Milk
  • ‘Wild greens’ (specifically the Sundelion variety)

In a conversation between the protagonist, Link, and Lasli, the text reveals that the Sunny Veggie Porridge is the grandmother’s favorite meal, made with Hylian rice, fresh milk, and wild greens. An image accompanying the description showcases the recipe, courtesy of Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon.

While the term ‘wild greens’ may encompass various plant types, it is essential to acquire the Sundelion variant specifically for its resistance to gloom. The inclusion of Sundelion in the porridge recipe is crucial for its successful preparation and desired effects.

Location of Wild Greens in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

Two notable regions where you can discover these precious plants are Hyrule Field and Eldin Canyon, which offer diverse environments conducive to the growth of wild greens.

Hyrule Field, with its expansive and picturesque landscapes, provides ample opportunities to come across patches of wild greens. As you traverse the open fields, explore the nooks and crannies, and navigate the rolling hills. Keep a keen eye out for these verdant treasures. They are known to thrive amidst the tall grass and flora that dot the landscape. aiting to be discovered by adventurous explorers.

Another promising location to search for wild greens is Eldin Canyon. This rugged and rocky region presents a unique backdrop for various plant life, including the coveted wild greens. You can find these plants flourishing near the edges of cliffs, along the winding paths. In the vicinity of volcanic formations. Take caution as you explore this challenging terrain, for Eldin Canyon offers both beauty and danger in equal measure.

However, if you truly wish to maximize your chances of obtaining wild greens. The Sky Islands should be your primary focus. People recognize these mystical and enchanting floating landmasses. Suspended high above the ground, for their abundant and diverse flora, which includes wild greens.

To Wrap it all Up

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) is an enveloping experience. Engaging side missions with challenges, prizes, and exploring possibilities. These quests entail solving riddles, locating hidden treasures, and learning the mythology. Sundelion plants are referred to as ‘wild greens’ in TOTK. They are most typically seen in Hyrule Field, Eldin Canyon, and the Sky Islands.

Sundelions have useful characteristics in recipes and alchemy. Players will need Hylian Rice, Fresh Milk, and Sundelions with gloom resistance to produce the Sunny Veggie Porridge, a favourite of the protagonist’s grandmother.

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