Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Dyeing To Find It Shrine Quest

Tears of the Kingdom is a game in the Legend of Zelda series. The Dyeing to Find It Shrine Quest can be a challenging endeavor at times. It entails lining up the shadow of a landmark in accordance with a certain pattern. This is our walkthrough for the Dyeing to Find It Shrine Quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which will assist you in completing the quest.

How to solve the Dyeing to Find It Shrine Quest Puzzle in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom is a game in the Legend of Zelda series. The location of the Dyeing to Find It Shrine Quest is in the Lanayru area of the world. Checking the location name for the Lanayru Wetlands and then proceeding to sketch a line directly to the southwest from there is the plan. You ought to choose a location somewhere in the middle of Quattra’s Sheld and Rabia Plain.

You’ll encounter a camp of bandits with a giant skull in this region of the map. A hilltop immediately adjacent to it features an unusual device in the shape of a square. This is the one that we have been searching for all along.

The riddle is about the particular device that is located right next to it, and the pattern is about a form that seems like a rectangle carved into the rock that is located just next to it.

The following is what you need to do in order to accomplish the Zelda puzzle: Quest for the Kurakat Shrine: Tears of the Kingdom Dyeing to Find It Tears of Kingdom Dyeing to Find It

  • Put the T-shaped depression on the “thing” towards the direction of the Construct (as seen on the left image below) by turning the wheel.
  • Pick up a plank of wood and flip it horizontally. The device’s lower-left slot should be able to accommodate it.
  • Start a fire when you’re ready to use the neighboring camping. Until daybreak, you can kill time.
  • Take a look at the pattern’s shadow as the sun rises. It should gradually coincide with the sun’s path through the sky (as seen on the right side of the figure below). If it isn’t, you might need to give the device a slight spin.

The Kurakat Shrine will miraculously materialize after. The shadow has been made to conform to the pattern. You can retrieve the Blessing of Light from the terminal inside. In addition to the Magic Sceptre that can be taken from the chest outside.

This will result in the completion of the Kurakat Shrine. And the Dyeing to Find It puzzle from the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom quest. Don’t forget to check out our main guide to Shrine locations to learn about the various tasks that you may take on.


The Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Dyeing Shrine Quest is a challenging yet rewarding journey for fans of the popular video game series. It requires a lot of patience and dedication, but the rewards are worth it. Players must defeat the monsters. Collect the Tears of the Kingdom, and use their knowledge of the game to find the hidden shrine. With the right strategy and perseverance, this quest can be completed and the rewards can be enjoyed.

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