Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom In-isa Shrine Walkthrough

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is quite similar to its predecessor, which was released in 2017, in that it requires players to finish a series of tutorial-style shrines before they are ultimately able to start exploring the Kingdom of Hyrule. The In-isa Shrine is one of these shrines, and it may be discovered in the southwestern part of the Great Sky Island.

The In-isa Shrine, much like the other beginning shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, is intended to acquaint players with a particular power; in this case, it is Fuse. Players are able to craft a variety of one-of-a-kind and potent weapons to assist them on their adventure by using the Fuse ability, which, as its name may imply, can be utilized to link two different things together.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom In-isa Shrine Location

The In-Isa Shrine may be found in the southwestern corner of the Great Sky Island, not far from a sizable body of water in that general direction. In order for players to reach there, they will need to have already finished the Ukouh Shrine, since they will need to utilize the Ultrahand ability to construct a raft in order to go there. After they have accomplished this task, they are able to sail across the sea and then make their way to the entrance of the shrine, where they may click the A button to investigate it and unlock the route that lies ahead.

In-isa Shrine Walkthrough

After entering the shrine, adventurers will learn the Fuse skill. And be able to fuse items to certain weapons and shields. To utilize Fuse, players must first choose it from the Ability wheel by holding L and flicking the right analog stick down. Then equip a weapon and use it when standing next to a boulder. They can choose to attach the Boulder to their weapon or their shield in this way. They should select the former option when asked, which is the letter Y.

Players can destroy the stone barrier in front of them if they have fused a Boulder to one of their weapons. There are a number of stone pillars on the other side of this wall that can be taken out with a combined weapon. The closest one to the entrance will need to be destroyed first so that the box with the five arrows may fall to the ground. They’ll need arrows to go through the rest of the shrine, so this is good news.


Small trees bearing Fire Fruit may be found in the area to the right of the barred entrance. Once all of the fruit has been collected with the A button. Players should draw an arrow by holding ZR, and then use Up on the D-Pad to access the Attach menu. The player should then use the right analog stick to quickly go through the inventory to the Fire Fruit. Once they get the Fire Fruit attached to their arrow, they can let go of Up.


Players should aim their fire arrows at the far wall. Where there is a chest perched on a ledge covered by brambles. If Link aims his fire arrow toward the brambles and then presses ZR, the arrow will be shot. The brambles will catch fire, and the chest will fall to the lower platform. Once the door is unlocked, players can access the box containing the Small Key.


A Soldier Construct armed with a fusion cannon awaits the players in the following section. It is recommended to kill it from a safe distance. As it has quite potent attacks if you go too near. Players can set fire to the brambles on the ground surrounding it. Similar to what they did in the previous region, to clear the space. More Fire Fruit may be found on the platform to the right, should they require it. Other helpful things can be found on the platform on the other side.


Once the Soldier Construct has been vanquished. Either the player’s own Rock Hammer or the one the Soldier Construct dropped can be used to smash down the stone barrier in the way. The statue that marks the end of the shrine lies on the opposite side of this wall. And by pressing A, Link can retrieve a second Light of Blessing. Once outdoors again, players can go on to the Gutanbac Shrine or the Temple of Time. Depending on whether or not they’ve already accomplished the former.


In conclusion, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom In-isa Shrine is an interesting and challenging puzzle. With the help of this walkthrough. Players can easily find their way through the Shrine and the rewards that come with it. The Shrine is rewarding in many ways. Providing players with the opportunity to hone their puzzle-solving skills and delve deeper into the world of Hyrule. With the right strategy, players can easily complete the Shrine and reap the rewards.

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