Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom ultimate guide to Weapons and Armor

Discover the ultimate zelda weapons and armor sets that will revolutionize your gameplay strategy in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, In this comprehensive guide, we explore the most powerful weapons, formidable armor, and even shields that will leave a lasting impact on your battles. From devastating damage-dealing tools to impenetrable fortifications, we’ve got you covered. However, please be advised that this guide may contain mild spoilers for those who want to experience the game’s surprises firsthand.

Zelda Weapons And Armor Guide

Best melee weapons in Tears of the Kingdom

We’ve compiled a list of the finest weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom based on how much of a difference they make in combat. However, keep in mind that the things you choose for the Fuse mechanic are equally important.

Royal Guard’s Claymore

The Sanctum (or Throne Room) of Hyrule Castle is where the Royal Guard stores their weapons. The weapons have a special ability that boosts their damage per second just before they break, making them stand out from the crowd. Additionally, this benefit extends to any fused materials that are linked.

One can reasonably wonder what use a boost would be on something that is destined to fail anyhow. It’s because mounted attacks against Lynels are immune to weapon deterioration. That implies you can swap to this weapon while facing the game’s toughest non-boss foes. Furthermore, Rock Octoroks might be used to make repairs at a later time.

Silver Lynel Horn

You need to go no farther than Silver Lynel things like Saber Horns and Mace Horns, as we recently discussed how the Royal Guard perk impacts even Fuse Materials. The Royal Guard passive further improves their attack power, bringing it to a total of +55.

Longswords with boss drop

Longswords and other boss-dropped swords can be used as Fuse Materials (i.e. Flux Construct Cores) if you don’t routinely kill Lynels. This is due to the larger arc created by this weapon when swung. That’s like making many hits with one swing.

Gloom Sword

Both the Gloom Sword and Gloom Spear may be looted from the bosses of Phantom Ganon. Hyrule Castle, the Deku Tree Chasm, and the aftermath of defeating Mr. Gloomyhands adversaries all have encounters with these tainted ghosts.

Repeated use of these items in combat might be detrimental due to the Gloom effect. Attaching them as Fuse Materials eliminates that effect, which is really convenient. You’ll get the benefits with zero drawbacks.

Master Sword

The Master Sword, indeed. It lacks its own attack rating but may be fused to other weapons and resources. If your health bar is full, pressing the R button will cause it to fire beam missiles.

Best bows in Tears of the Kingdom

Savage Lynel Bow

When it comes to long-range weaponry in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Savage Lynel Bow is hard to beat. The default version has a +32 attack bonus and fires three arrows at once. Some variations, however, have the ability to launch five arrows simultaneously.

Demon King’s Bow

The Demon King’s Bow is another possible drop from the Phantom Ganon monster. The sheer strength derived from your present hearts is what makes this so great. This will have roughly +60 attacks if you have been doing a lot of Shrine tasks to acquire Lights of Blessing. Keep Link’s wounds bandaged up at all times.

Dusk Bow

The Dusk Bow isn’t featured due to its damage per second (it’s merely a +30 attack), however, that is a factor. Instead, it’s not something you’d find in a chest, but rather a weapon. Since it exists in the open, it will perpetually regenerate with each passing Bloodmoon Cycle. Also, its competitors can’t match its range.

Best armors in Tears of the Kingdom

Ancient Hero’s Aspect

The Ancient Hero’s Aspect is the greatest armor in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom if we’re just talking about visuals. It’s more of a whole suit than an actual piece of armor, and it transforms Link into the lizard-like Zonai Champion.

Awakening Set

The Awakening Set’s cartoonish head and face are a nod to Link’s transformation into a hero at the beginning of the game.

Wingsuit / Glide Set

When it comes to actual warfare, the Wingsuit serves no clear purpose. However, it enhances your flexibility and lateral control in freefall. You’ll be able to jump and glide around quite a bit, so this is perfect.

Majora’s Mask

The Majora’s Mask is useful for sneaking past enemies since it makes them think you’re a friendly character. Avoid colliding with one on accident, and you should be fine.

Yiga Armor Set

In that vein, the Yiga Armor Set also improves your stealth. However, the most significant advantage is the ability to pursue Yiga Clan-related goals. Both go to the same Secret Shrine, but only one is truly hidden.

Lightning Helm

Having to shift metal objects every time there’s a thunderstorm is a major pain. Thankfully, after you equip the Lightning Helm, you won’t have to worry about that mechanism anymore. The Yiga Clan must be tricked in order to access this bonus quest’s prize.

Phantom Armor Set

The Phantom Armor Set is also among the greatest armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom, in our opinion. The combined effect of all four pieces is a whopping +24 defense. Meanwhile, your attack has been massively boosted. There will be an offensive and defensive component.


To sum up, this comprehensive guide offers a detailed analysis of the various weapons and armor options found in the game Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It provides valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon and armor type, as well as practical tips on utilizing them effectively during gameplay. Additionally, the guide shares expert advice on maximizing the potential of your weapons and armor, highlighting their suitability for different playstyles. With this resourceful guide at hand, players can make informed decisions and employ strategic approaches when it comes to selecting and utilizing their weapons and armor in the game.

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