23savage suffers massive MMR drop thanks to Dota 2 bug

Dota 2 has experienced a fair number of bugs over the years as a result of the game spending far too much time in the beta stage. Some bugs still persist, even though the majority of them have been fixed; this time, one of them had an adverse effect on a professional competitor. Due to a bug he ran into during his MMR recalibration procedure, Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon, the top player in South East Asia, lost a significant amount of MMR (Matchmaking Rating).

23savage claims that he participated in 12 games during the calibration procedure. He ultimately won nine of these games and lost three of them, so ideally he should have gained more MMR than usual since the recalibration was effective.

Sadly, the reverse happened, and 23savage ultimately lost over 3000 MMR, going from 12500 MMR to roughly 9000 MMR.

23savage found this to be very disappointing, particularly considering that it was he who had consistently broken MMR records. He was the first player to achieve 12000 MMR in a recognized manner, and he was also the first player to reach 13000 MMR. It makes sense that he would be more bothered by this flaw than most people given how competitive he can be in bars.

However, 23savage is not the only professional or ex-pro player to experience the MMR recalibration issue. He “Inflame” Yongzheng, a former Chinese professional player, is another prime example. He experienced a similar fate and saw his MMR decline from 8000 to 10 MMR while still earning a Herald I medal. Although the cause of this bug is still unclear, it appears that many people are affected by it.

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